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Live your dream, neon beam.
Live your dream, neon beam.

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Defensive Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism that is most widely found amongst marine animals and most famously in fireflies. The primary chemical reaction that occurs is the mixture of the light-emitting pigment luciferin and the enzyme luciferase. The enzyme catalyzes the oxidation of luciferin, which results in the release of blue-green light.

Ostracods, also known as seed shrimp, are small crustaceans found across a wide range of water environments. A subset of ostracods possess light organs used in bioluminescent predation defense. When attacked, the small plankton produce a blinding cloud of light that startles the predator, allowing the ostracod to escape. Here, cardinalfish can be seen eating and then expelling ostracods after they employ their bioluminescent defensive technique.

Source: (BBC)

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Better than nothing...

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Always did like Mr Campbell
This is why I love Bruce Campbell. 

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Hey all - I am trying to decide on a tablet to buy and I'd like your input:

Currently considering the Pixel C and the Samsung Tab S3.
I am a bit torn because I strongly prefer the stock Android experience, but attracted to the S Pen, seems like a natural input option.

I am also thinking about looking into Sonys line-up, simply for the water resistance - thoughts?

Any other tablets I should consider? Experiences with any of the devices?

+John Skeats has mentioned that Samsung software can be a strong negative - from my limited experience using other people's phones some years ago, I can't disagree.

Are Samsung devices generally, and tablets specifically, good candidates for flashing with other ROMs?


Any and all Input appreciated, considering buying a tablet:
Currently considering the Pixel C and the Samsung Tab S3.
I am a bit torn because I strongly prefer the stock Android experience, but attracted to the S Pen, seems like a natural input option.

Any other tablets I should consider? Experiences with either of the devices?

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Really nice tutorial structure in general:

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Informative, insightful and important.
Something often neglected in discussions of Galileo and his trial for heresy is that the dispute wasn't about whether the Earth revolves around the Sun; it was about who had the right to say that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

From the Vatican's perspective, statements about the nature of reality are effectively policy statements, and so may only be made by the organ of policy -- namely, them. Galileo's science argued that anyone could perform experiments and learn things about the factual nature of reality, and communicate these ideas to others, and that this knowledge was not limited or controllable by the Church.

There's an important logic to the Vatican's argument here. Statements of factual reality, while they aren't policy statements in their own right, tend to have very profound policy implications. If I tell you that the roof is on fire, then you are likely to place a very high priority on things like leaving the building and calling the fire department.¹ If I tell you that the Earth is not at the center of the universe, this might lend weight to arguments that the experience of the Crucifixion isn't unique and at the center of the universe (the heresy that Giordano Bruno was burned for), and thus that the Church isn't the natural and unique center of political authority.

That is, organs of political power are right to think of scientific statements as having policy implications -- and organs of policy tend to be very jealous of that prerogative, and not appreciate anyone else trying to make policy without them.

Science is particularly dangerous, in this regard, because it provides testable statements about the nature of reality which are in effect available to anybody, and because those statements are sometimes surprises. A surprising change in facts which can't be negotiated away is profoundly dangerous to institutions of power, because those changes might compromise anything from a delicately negotiated balance of power to the significance of the organization itself. Encouraging science is something only done by the most confident of governments and institutions: the ones who believe that, no matter what the nature of reality may be, they will be able to face up to it.

Leaders who are more concerned with their personal survival than the fate of the country as a whole will often not see it this way: public perception, and the resulting political leverage it creates, is ultimately far more important to the exercise of power, even though it is far less important than knowledge of the facts to the protection of the nation.

A good modern example of this dichotomy can be seen in the different ways that the Department of Defense and Congress discuss climate change. To the DoD, this is a practical threat, requiring planning and advance preparation, and thus detailed knowledge whenever possible. To Congress, this is a political threat, requiring changes in policy which may compromise important bargains with people who would lose out from those changes, and thus requiring careful control of public perception independent of the underlying reality.

¹ Or alternatively, that we don't need no water; let the motherfucker burn.
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