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People Enabling Technology To Stop Climate Change.
People Enabling Technology To Stop Climate Change.

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Thank you to all those who are requesting to join this page.  Please contribute with some positive aspect of how we can adapt to climate change - share good ideas - the world needs them!

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What if CO2 was not invisible, and we could SEE the worst polluters... well, now we can...

#climatechange   #carbondioxide   #globalwarming  

Welcome +JOSHUA OCHIENG'  and +Noelle Cope - looking forward to hearing your ideas for positive change!  Take a moment to introduce yourselves!

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I'm just a regular middle-aged fella who sees the science of climate change and weeps for the possible future. With the spirit of a Star-Trek finish of just-in-time-technology - let us look for what we can do.

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Electricity generated from wind - a big part of the near future. #windpower   #alternateenergy   #climatechange   

Is This the Future of Alternative Wind Energy?

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Looking to share positive possibilities for the future with cutting edge and little known solutions that can help overcome the challenges of Climate Change.  This is intended to be a filtered collection of the things that might work and could be possible to assist with awareness of alternate energy and carbon-friendly technologies.

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Climate change is dangerous. We need aggressive action now. 

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