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Billy Aircon
Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore
Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore


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Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore
Address: 35 Circuit Rd, Singapore 370035
Phone: 9456 0875

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If you require a professional to help you with your aircon issues, please contact Billy Aircon at

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Some common aircon FAQ, I hope you will enjoy the read and learn some tips on servicing and lengthening the shelf life of your air con. 

If you need a professional and affordable aircon servicing contractor, visit us at

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The Worst Customer I Ever Met for aircon cleaning………
In this aircon cleaning  trade, you are bound to meet all
kinds of customers. There are very understanding customers and also some
unreasonable and nasty ones. There was once when I came across this customer
who was really difficult to deal with. She was cl...

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My Team of aircon Installation Workers In this air conditioning service business, it is not
possible for me to just work alone. I need workers to work hand in hand with
me. My team of installation workers are very skilful and experienced and they
are always ready to...

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My Office Staff
I have employed 2 elderly staff doing administration,
customer service and some accounts. They have both past the retirement age but
I still employ them because of their past experiences. The first staff,
Margaret has been working for me for more than three...

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Air Conditioner Servicing
In the trade of air conditioning servicing is inevitable.
The usual problems which occurred in most air conditioners are leaking water,
not cold or installation not properly fixed at right angles. Aircon servicing
includes washing cover, filter and tray. Th...

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My Customers
Air Conditioning service vice is a service line, so meeting up with
customers is inevitable. My customers come from all walks of life. I am bound
to encounter with customers with all sorts of different attitude. The non- fussy
ones were not only friendly bu...

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My Childhood Days
My hometown is in Malacca and my childhood memories there
were most unforgettable. The place that I lived is the kampong style, whereby
we planted fruits and even growing our own vegetables. The good thing about
living in kampong is that there is not much t...

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The 3 Important Festivals celebrated by Chinese Taoists
‘QingMing’, Dragon Boat Festival and Hungry Ghosts Festival
are the 3 important festivals celebrated by Taoists in Singapore.   ‘QingMing’ is a festival which Chinese Taoists pray to their
deceased ancestors once a year during the third month of the Lunar c...
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