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Mary Iva Oliver (Natural Clear Eyesight)
Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher
Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher


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Eye Movement. Shifting and Switching with Relaxation. A quick way to improve the eyesight.

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More Antique Goodies!!

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Its snowing!! Blizzard in Massachusetts.

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New book edition; lot of goodies!!!
History, anatomy of the eyes, and Natural Vision Improvement included.

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More Antique Natural Vision Improvement stuff from New York City!

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Soft rubber boots for relaxed spine, neck, eyes.

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Nice guy, and great sense of humor!

Mother 'Nancy Wilder-Cronin' passed away on May 4th. She went though a very difficult time but thank heaven this was not a long drawn out illness. In the end the doctors helped her relax and she fell asleep on the 3rd of May and complete permanent sleep on the 4th.

I suspect the drug companies, drug Fosamax and others were responsible for her death. It could have been something else, people say skin cancer, it spread but I truly believe that the drugs caused or added to the problem. Why did she have blood clots in her knees, shoulder, brain? Clots are a side effect of Fosamax.

These drug businesses, the stock market promote the drugs to senior citizens. Many seniors are old fashioned, (this is good in many ways) but; they do not use the internet so they have only the TV news to rely on for the truth. They are lied to for years, the truth about a drug's side effects being posted on tv, radio, newspapers only after many people have been injured and the news stations can no longer hide the facts.

The drug companies used her, harmed her;
but I thank them for the drugs they providing in the end that eased the pain and allowed her to fall asleep and pass to heaven.

Thank you to the family on both sides and the many friends that attended the funeral. We all felt like our home town, the citizens were one family. I felt like I am 'home'.

Very nice funeral directors and I love the African (black) priest!

Thank you;

Trying to get it together so can be back on Skype, e-mail to teach students. hopefully by next week. Not sure; never knew how this transition affects the heart, mind and body. Healing takes time.

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One of the first Natural Eyesight Improvement books, a box-course of booklets. Year 1918.

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