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My question to all your quad-linked social network peeps is this: why post the exact same comment to every social network at once. Do you have that diverse of followings/friends on each different network? Most of mine Google+ peeps are twitter peeps. My facebook is geared much heavier to family and local friends while twitter & this are much more long-distance & kidmin? Anyone else do that, or am I the only crazy in this boat?
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i dont! but you can use this for all of them Ms. Graves! its like twitter meets facebook meets foursquare. i love it!

but, i do understand what you're saying ive seen plenty of people double or triple posting. craziness
I definitely have different audiences in each.... I try to be selective with tweets that go to facebook and am trying to figure out the best way to leverage Google Plus.

But my followers/friends look very different on each outlet. Sorry for the duplicates though.
I use facebook for friends and family and twitter more for networking. I typically put personal stuff on Facebook and kidmin stuff on Twitter. Sometimes I want both groups to see the same thing, so I put it on both.
Now, with G+, it could in time fix that problem because I can select who sees what. Most of my posts on here have been about G+, since I'm still experimenting.
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