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Barbara Graves
Jesus, kids and coffee...what else could you need?
Jesus, kids and coffee...what else could you need?

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Thanks for the invite.  I felt like Tony did about Google +.  Seemed like a great idea when it first started, but I haven't seen a lot come from it, so I rarely log on anymore.  Excited for this group!!

We had the absolute best time yesterday with many of our camp worker friends from Timberlake. What a amazing group of people. I'm very thankful for the 7 years that we cooked, prepped, cleaned and laughed together at camp. God has used this time and place to give me friends that are closer than family. These friendships have made our lives unmeasurably more blessed. And though the friendships will continue, the time at "Neverland" is over. I'll never forget those times. Now to see what God brings in this next season of my life....

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The students that were part of the Savannah AIM trip were simply amazing. I loved getting to tag along on this trip. Playing water games with these little ones and watching them grin ear to ear was just about the best way you can spend a day. Especially if the day is 107+....

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So I have split my blogs; one for kidmin and one for more personal life stuff. Yes, they are completely intwined in my life, but not in the life of my friends. So, here's the new site for how I live:

My observations of G+. Probably the most relevant, useful exchange of information and ideas from my social networking arenas will come from G+, or whatever is the newest SN venue, because the people who jump on these first are the ones eager to learn, share and experience the new and better way of doing whatever it is that we do.
But with every jump to a better SN, I lose those on the fringe who I have been trying to coax into the last venue. If G+ replaces FB for me, which it may eventually, I lose contact w/ a lot of people who are just so slow to try something else. They haven't even tried Twitter yet! So I'm faced with the issue of trying to use G+ for substantial networking exchanges, while I still maintain my social contacts with family and friends on FB. Very time consuming.
Twitter is a given for me. It's fast, I can rant, vent, laugh and joke and keep up with a glimpse of people's lives while I'm running in and out of everywhere I need to be each day.

Dinner's done, dishes are done, coffee is made and brownies are baking. Good day. Now time for some coffee and a book....or my Google reader, which is a book in itself.....still catching up.....

I have spent the day cleaning house, and randomly tweeting complaints about it!! Though, the complaints are humorous in nature, let me the the first to say, seriously, that I'm thankful for the need to clean.
-- The fact that I need to vacuum is because my floors are hard wood and carpet, not dirt.
-- The fact that I have done load after load of laundry is because we have choices in attire and my kids don't have to wear the same clothes they wore yesterday, because that's all they have.
-- The fact that I have to cook dinner says that I have food to eat, for the 3rd meal today, and that it's prepared indoors, in an enclosed appliance, to be eaten on clean plates in an air-conditioned dining room.

After what I have seen the last few weeks, I joke about my life, but I have wept about others. God has blessed me beyond measure and I have renewed my determination to daily find ways to live Isaiah 58:9.

Spent a few hours today with some kids in the projects near the church where we are serving. It absolutely breaks my heart. More than once I choked back tears, watching kids dance with the students here serving with us. If there is ever I time I wish I could understand why God allows certain things, it is these times with kids. Kids should be innocent. Kids should have fun lives. Kids should be happy. Kids should not have to live a life physically hampered because of their parent's drug habits. Kids shouldn't have to come to the outreach wearing the same clothes they wore yesterday, especially when it's 112 outside, and everyone is drenched in sweat and dust. My heart breaks when a kid says "You are my best friend!" to a person they have only seen twice. Choking back tears again, just thinking about today.....

My question to all your quad-linked social network peeps is this: why post the exact same comment to every social network at once. Do you have that diverse of followings/friends on each different network? Most of mine Google+ peeps are twitter peeps. My facebook is geared much heavier to family and local friends while twitter & this are much more long-distance & kidmin? Anyone else do that, or am I the only crazy in this boat?

We've had a awesome day here in Savannah! Such great kids that we met this morning! Excited to be going back tomorrow. About time to grab some dinner and practice our presentations for tomorrow!!
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