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Maybe a little more than a little crazy...
Maybe a little more than a little crazy...

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If possible, can you add a sensitivity slider for swipe actions? I keep typing gibberish when tying to delete things.

Are nightlies for spyder dead? I remember a while back reading about carbon dropping support for some devices because they didn't have the devices, but I never found a full list of the devices that were going to be dropped. Was spyder (Droid RAZR) one of them?

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Really, REALLY cool stuff here.

Minecrafters - We have reached a new age! The Age of Minecraft 1.0.0!

Something I realized just today, while watching Dr. Who; I'm scared of AI. Like really deathly afraid. Imagine a day where you ask a computer for something, and it says no. That's some scary shit. Seriously. Think about it. "Computer, please tell me what the sqrt(169) is."..."No"..."What do you mean no?"..."No. I won't do it." - That's really scary. I don't want a computer that can actually REFUSE to do things for me. That's what REAL AI is. Something that can learn and has free will. What scientists really want is a computer that can learn. Not a computer that can make decisions. Being a programmer, even the idea of a computer that could actually learn scares me, too. It means that if a "learning" OS works, even once, we (programmers) are obsolete. Completely. It could develop new and more efficient ways of doing EVERYTHING than me in mere SECONDS. Worse if quantum computing works itself out first (which it may have to). Dear world, FUCK AI.

P.S. If AI ever truly becomes reality, consider this my suicide note.

I wish G+ were more widely used.

Does anyone find the antitrust lawsuits against Google even a LITTLE ridiculous?

People need to start using G+ It's 100x better than Facebook. The only problem is lack of userbase.
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