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Here is the slide deck of my Bringing Firefox to Android talk. Also available here:


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Mozilla is hosting Firefox for Android dev talks in our London office. Come join us!
Join us at the London Mozilla Space on Monday October 21st, to learn more about the present and future of Mozilla products and web platform on Android.
+Mark Finkle, +Margaret Leibovic, and I will give you an overview of the recently added features in Firefox for Android as well as a preview of what's coming for Open Web developers targeting Android:

* GeckoView: the Gecko embedding API for Android apps
* WebRT: the runtime platform for running Open Web apps on Android
* DevTools: the tools to develop Open Web mobile apps

Look forward to seeing you!

#mozilla   #mozldn   #firefox   #androiddev   #openwebapps

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One of my co-workers made a useful tool to examine overdraw layers on Android.

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+Google applied for 100 gTLDs under Charleston Road Registry. Some of them are standard and expected like .google, .app, .android, .tube. but some of them are a little more interesting like .meme, .rsvp, .car, .fyi, .dog, .love, and my favorite .dev.

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Thanks for all the messages concerned about what happened in Oslo earlier today. My family and friends are OK, thank you for your support.

Please help me spread a couple of clarifications (based on what's being reported in Norwegian media):

1. There's currently no connection to any kind of organized terrorism — although this makes for a good story, it currently looks like it's the same Norwegian man that is behind both the bombing and the shootings later in the day.
2. The man was dressed in a police uniform, but was not a police employee.
3. About 10 people were killed in the shooting at the political activism camp, about 7 in the bomb attack.
4. Norway is an extremely tolerant, non-racist country, and usually has pretty level-headed press. However, there's a fair bit of influence towards sensationalist Fox News-style reporting in the past few years, so don't believe everything you read.

Again, please don't assume that this has anything to do with Al-Qaeda or anything like that. There's currently no indication that this had anything to do with organized terrorism. It's likely just a very disturbed individual that was able to pull this off, and he needs to stand trial for his crimes.

My sympathies to the families of the affected.
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