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Practical Steps to Lose Weight Through Your Friend
The benefits of losing weight cannot be over emphasized.
These include; having a healthy heart, great self- confidence, rocking a great
body and much more . It is not surprising when people start their weight loss
programs alone (individually) and along the...

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The Many Ways Weight Loss Improves Quality of Life
your children imploring you to play with them outside or to take them for an
outing in the park…and you just can’t.   Your back hurts after just ten minutes of walking,
and running is not an option because you become quite winded and fatigued.   In...

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The business Side of Toke Makinwa’s Book- On Becoming
The On Air Personality who recently launched her book “On
Becoming- A Must Tell” has shown that when Life throws lemon at you, you can
made lemonade from it. Toke turned her pain to gold. Guess the recession is not
affecting Nigerians who actually bought th...

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Nigerians May Present Tax Certificate Before Getting Passport
According to Punch Newspaper, Nigerians may need to present
their tax certificate before they can get passports. This was said by the
Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Mr. Tunde Fowler, on
Monday at the 136th meeting of the Jo...

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Couple Takes Marital Vow at a Supermarket
Couples are showing their creative sides with regards to how
their proposals are been presented, locations where their pre- weddings photographs
are shot and also, locations/venue for their weddings. Larry and Mary Tinson met again at a supermarket in 2012

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Senior Legislative Aide Died at the National Assembly
An unidentified senior legislative aide has collapsed and
died at the entrance of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. All efforts by the medical personnel at the National Assembly
to resuscitate this legislative aide were futile.

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Man Allegedly killed His Mom, Wife and Son
According to report from Fairbanks Police Department, a 22
years man- McKay Hutton has allegedly killed his mom, wife and son (8 weeks old).
Their bodies were found at Hampton Inn, Alaska on Friday by the police. This
was as a result of a call from a staff ...

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World Diabetes Day: How to Manage Diabetes
Today November 14 is World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is a clinical
state when an individual cannot fully utilize sugar (glucose) in their blood. It
means the blood sugar level is high. It’s a lifestyle disease. It is a disease
that is common in the urban area ...

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everybody gets butterflies in their stomachs right at the beginning of a new
union between them and their partner. It is such a stage where we try to be at
our best all the time for our partner, we love them unconditionally and they
can do almost no wron...

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encounter this year made me have to look a little more closely at what it is
like for a man, which in turn speaks for many others around the world who are,
or may be enduring abusive relationships from their partners. Yes, women too
can be abusive in way...
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