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Gnome Abduction, Or?
If they are anything like mine, they just ran off on their own .. probably the Pixies are having another pool party .... 

Xerox Found on a Telephone Pole


You might want to
watch your garden gnome.
Tuesday, a gnome
was reported stolen from Coventry Road.
Wednesday night (new moon), two gnomes
were taken from Avalon Court,
and Thursday, FIVE GNOMES
were reported missing
from Little Hollywood Trailer Park.
If you have a little guy,
you might want to bring him inside
at least for the immediate future,
as someone seems to have acquired
a serious gnome addiction,
and it appears he or she is now
in the "chasing the dragon" stage.
If you are the Gnome-Thief
reading this, please get help.
If you return our gnomes
(say, in the middle of the night)
it will be no questions asked
and no prosecution. It would be
so nice to have our boys back home.
Or, if you have ransom demands,
please take one of the detachable numbers below
and give us a call right away.
You can block your number.
Please understand we will need
to see a clear photo of our gnomes
holding a current newspaper.

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They could also have been teleported somewhere, isn't it a Worldwide Gnome Gathering year? 
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Old Finnish People with Things on their Heads

This is just too much wonderful! It's been in my "things to share" folder forever .. I'm absolutely enchanted for so many reasons. Finns. Photography with humor. Quirkiness. Feisty elder folk.

Shared previously on G+, by +Finland Explorer and possibly others,  h/t to blogger Lara Sanchez ( for the original (I think) discovery of the exhibit. 
Almost a year ago I discovered this photo series at Kiasma – The Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, Finland. Photographers, Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen came up with something truly peculiar and special, in their photo series Eyes As Big As Plates. Their subjects are old, super serious and Finnish, all while wearing ridiculous “organic” head pieces and attire…need I say more?   Images via VisualNews and Riitta Ikonen.
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Have a peaceful Sunday +Armida Evony :))
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I liked the part about being sprinkled with water from a soggy laurel branch. Reminds me of flower photography ...
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I'd say so!! 
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The Spectre of the Rose

Open your closed eyelids,
lightly touched by a maiden's dream;
I am the ghost of the rose
that you wore to the ball last night.
You plucked me while I was still pearly
with the silvery tears of the watering can,
and all around the glittering party
you paraded me under the stars.

To you, who brought about my death,
(for to chase death away is not possible)
every night my rose-colored phantom 
will appear at your bedside, and dance.
But fear not, for I am owed
neither mass nor De Profundis.
This fragile perfume is my soul,
and I've come here from paradise.

My destiny was to be envied.
And to suffer such a lovely fate
more than one would have gladly died:
for your breast became my grave,
and on the alabaster where I repose
a poet, with a soft kiss, 
has written, "here lies the rose
who even emperors would envy."

This poem by Théophile Gautier (1811-1872) was set to music by Hector Berlioz in 1841. The ghost of a rose that a young girl wore to her first ball comes to her in a dream, with luscious overblown nineteenth-century sensuality. It got stuck in my head today while I was taking pictures of roses, and I decided to experiment with trying to make a rose look ghostly. I came up with a few different versions, which I may post as a "pick your favorite" poll. 

If you'd like to hear the music, here is a version sung by Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne-Sofie von Otter and conducted by Marc Minkowski Warning: this is over-the-top romanticism in every way. If you don't like opera, give it a miss. Even if you do like opera, I recommend listening only and not watching the video :) 

French text: The translation is not precise, it's an atmospheric singer's version with the spirit of the music in mind. 
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This is a true love flover 
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Happy Monday
Wishing you a colorful day :)
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;-) +Armida Evony
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Yes! Take them, please! They have been up to unspeakable mischief lately .. spring fever I guess ..... 
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Icelandic Word of the Day: 
Translation: instant, moment
Pronunciation: ög-na-blick (German ö, can't think of a better way to write it!)

So much can happen in an instant. A child’s contagious giggle makes you look up and smile, remembering what it was like to be a kid, a poignant moment. You hear someone’s voice for the first time and it touches a chord in you. A smile exchanged with a stranger. Catching someone’s eye and realizing that you both feel exactly the same way about what’s being said. I love those moments of connection in day-to-day life. They always seem to come along just when I need them, too.

It’s interesting that those twinkly instants happen online too. Someone makes a wonderful comment and you can’t stop smiling. A quote jumps out at you and it feels like someone must be in exactly the same place you are, emotionally. An unexpected compliment touches your heart. You meet somebody that you immediately know you could be friends with, because they're “simpatico” .. an Italian term .. as warm and impulsive and emotional as can be.

There are instants that are life-changing too. Receiving momentous news .. either bad or good. Betrayal. A flash of intuition as you notice something and everything falls into place. Creative inspiration. Major news events too .. they become historical markers, and the way you felt at that augnablik becomes a part of your personal history.

This word must be useful in Icelandic, because Iceland is all about unexpected things happening suddenly. A river re-routes itself, a new mountain rises out of the sea, lava changes the whole landscape. Elves interfere with a human project. A fantastic new band comes out of nowhere. Icelandair manages not to lose your luggage (OK, I’m really asking for it now) ....

Pointless but Fun Trivia: there's a basketball team from a suburb of Reykjavík that is called Augnablik ... the Instant. Pretty cool :)
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It is indeed one of the most fascinating and at the same time most complex games I've ever played, +Armida Evony. Unfortunately, as with most MMOs, it is also very time consuming which is why I quit it some years ago. Oh, social skills can come in very handy in this game. You could try to be a diplomat/ negotiator for one of the bigger corps there. :D

Speaking of social skills, one CCPs other projects I followed with great interest, World of Darkness, could have been something for you as well. But they cancelled it some time ago.. :'(
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Ulrich seems like a pretty cheerful and resilient guy, I'm sure he got over his temporary minne-madness. Sounds like Perchta had quite a lot to put up with though! I had a mental image of the inamorata returning the finger ....
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Self-irony helps, of course, and Ulrich seems to have possessed that gift by the ton, judging from the "Frauendienst" ... and about female ministeriales... I'm sure there are German historical novels in abundance out there treating the subject... I haven't read one, though... 
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Pssssst!!! Yes, you!
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;-) ♥ ♥ ♥ true beauty
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For the Birds

I had an upsetting experience today. Decided to clean up our covered patio area, which includes a built-in grill. I was wiping dust off the grill cover when to my horror, a tiny bird flew out from under it and a couple of eggs fell to the stone floor and broke. The bird, which I have since learned is a Bewick's Wren, built its nest inside the fitted vinyl (?) grill cover. The nice lady at my neighborhood birdwatching/feeding store identified the type of bird as soon as I started to explain what had happened. Apparently they prefer cozy, hidden areas for nesting .. which is fine .. as long as their human neighbors don't plan to barbecue anytime soon. I am terrified of gas grills anyway, so this is the perfect excuse not to turn it on :) 

I haven't actually seen the nest, which presumably is still tucked into the corner of the grill cover, since I was afraid to cause any more damage or scare the mom into abandoning her nest. Crossing my fingers that I just tilted it a bit and there are still some eggs left. She did duck back under the grill cover a while after the disaster and I saw her going back and forth several times later, so that's a hopeful sign. 

I've found three other nests (all different varieties) in my yard so far, and one of them (house finches) has actually hatched, because I can hear the babies chirping and the parents are frantically rushing around trying to find food. 

I decided that the traumatized wren parents-to-be deserved a treat, so I bought them some live mealworms and left them on the grill counter. They prefer insects, but worms were the best I could do. Also got a tasty mealworm suet cake to hang in the strawberry tree, which apparently is the Bird Supermarket.

I'm hoping this will make life a little easier for the busy bird parents that share my yard :) And as much as I admire my talented photographer friends who capture birds .. I doubt I'll even try to get any pictures of mine. I have enough trouble focusing on subjects that can't fly away!
In dry thickets and open woods of the west, this is often a very common bird. Pairs of Bewick's Wrens (pronounced like "Buick") clamber about actively in the brush, exploring tangles and bark crevices, waving their long tails about, giving harsh scolding notes at any provocation. In the east, this species is far less common, and it has vanished from most of its former range east of the Mississippi River.
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Aww, +Nina Jenrich Lind​, you're so nice. It is heartwarming to realize how many bird lovers I have in my circles!
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Fruit in Training

My micro-orchard has begun setting eensy-weensy fruit. So exciting! It always seems miraculous, but especially this year, since I'm still discovering all the secrets of the garden I inherited. The gnomes and I hope you enjoy these future grapes, plums in progress and strawberry tree fruits (the ones that look like alien water balloons) Bonus: the 5x1 apple tree I planted (5 varieties grafted onto a single dwarfing root stock) has just burst into bloom, so you get a sneak preview! 
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dun dun duuun!
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Happy Easter - Gleðilega páska - Hyvää pääsiäistä
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:) +Oviek Wernicke​
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