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First beta of Crown Of Inamorta is now live on the Google Play store.

Download at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxgames.stickwarlegacy
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Gonna have some fun with it :)
Finally got to kill that golden spearton noob.
I already signed for the tester version but I cannot get to play Tournament mode, it still says coming soon....
Did you sign up for beta on the Google Play store front.
OHH YEEAAAHHH..-_- I am too early :)
I just can't wait for That tournament mode
PLease tell tournament mode specific date :O
Please make a beta version for ios too!
+Brock White Listen Brock I found a bug From the tourment In this challenger Clyndee I forget her name (Pink Hair) Barricade mode And whenever my team reached the barricade it glitched me out It keep doing it over and over again Until I give Up and Wait 2 More hours I don't want anyone get in this trouble So Brock white Try to fix this So no one Have to wait 2 hours. :(
Confirmed and patch for this will be up by the end of the day.

Were you using the archidon fire ability?
When the new update of stick war legacy is coming I love stick war legacy
When is it available on the App Store? (not the beta)
you go to the dashboard and there are links to it
You can't download it yet. It's still in beta.
it says me you have not got any devices and why?
Who started a new game on the tutorial to get pass the button
game to give the characteristics of being the enemy team finished
Arabic لو يمحت انا حاولت سراء جواهر بس بيقول المتجر غير متاح
انا عندي مشكله بلعبه شعاره M بظل يكتبلي إذا بقيت المشكله يرجى الاتصال بمدير البرامج
I like to lv up archer magikill and giant because their very cool
Hello,developer you(r) is a good(s) Developer(s),please add new phases or evolutions to more fun!
Ex Silver-Iron-Platinum-Gold-Diamond

Please add developer(s) i'm respect you(r)
Hey developer I was wondering if you complete the game you could put a sandbox mode on
Can you make it multiplayer
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