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Carl-Eric Menzel
Programmer, photographer, dancer.
Programmer, photographer, dancer.

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Feeling discouraged? This may help may help you feel all is not lost - and what we have is worth fighting for. TL;DR: things are way far better for the majority of people than they were 200 or even 150 years ago. And markedly better than they were 50 years ago.

h/t +Randy McDonald

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This. Is. What. It's. Like.

Content note: Abuse. Domestic violence, child abuse, everything.

Originally I wasn't going to say anything else other than "read this!", but I need to add a few things.

First, "as a child you don't know this is not normal". Quoted for truth.

This list, especially the final points, is the reason you should always believe the victim, no matter how well you "know" the abuser and are certain they'd never do that. At the very least, you must believe the victim until they are safely out of the abuser's reach and can't unwillingly get within that reach again. Because if you don't, the consequences can be fatal. 

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Sane people already know that physical punishments do lots of harm and zero good. Other forms of punishment aren't much good either. Read this for very good points about how else to positively influence children and adolescents. 

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Some good news about #DAPL for a change!

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Far from what right-wingers and MRA asshats will try and tell you, studies indicate that feminism and gender-equality actually improve relationships.

The sad part is that this is still suprising to anyone.

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From Micro SF/F stories on Twitter:

"Are you the sacrifice?" the dragon said.
"Y-yes," the virgin said.
"Did you volunteer?"
"Go home, boy. I'll teach your lord consent."
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