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Star Wars VHS releases on the occasion of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer
In celebration of the release of the excellent new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer (here) , I'm posting my small but historical collection of Star Wars VHS tapes: I love the original poster art cover on the one on the right. Luke is wearing some really clun...

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@ScoutBooks "Big Ideas Start Here" Limited Edition Mega Notebook + Horse & Hare bonus! @horseandhare1
Just after the new year, one of my favorite notebook companies, Scout Books sneak-peeked a new addition to their Artists lineup: Thank God for Facebook! This post was a welcome ray of sunshine at a dark time, shadowed by the passing of so many cultural icon...

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Review of the #StarWars Millennium Falcon Stationery Gift Set #12parsecs #KesselRun
Living in Hawaii has its obvious perks, but one of the downsides is paying confiscatory rates for shipping when ordering online. It is often cheaper to add more stuff to the shopping cart and qualify for free shipping than to buy just what you need and pay ...

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Notebook Discovery: Tokyo city personal guide book
One of the joys of being a notebook user is rediscovering a
notebook you thought was lost or had completely forgotten about. As a male, it
may be the closest I ever come to knowing what the joy of giving birth is like:
looking down and discovering a fully f...

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Field Notes Brand versus Rite in the Rain tests in Papua New Guinea.

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@FieldNotesBrand Expedition Edition vs. @RiteintheRain in Papua NewGuinea
The Field Notes Expedition Edition is truly a specialized
beast. This past summer, I decided to put it to the test. First a bit of Background My wife is a Field Biologist (herpetologist variety) who has
a large field project studying the micro frogs in the ...

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The worst Darth Vader Ring Ever! #starwars #TheForceAwakens
Okay, I know Star Wars Episode VII (aka, The Force Awakens ) has people excited, but there is really no excuse for this ring: It looks like Vader AFTER he's been on that funeral pyre at the end of Episode 6. Not only has Darth Vader been the victim of a shr...

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Need a Christmas present for the book lover that has everything?

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#Ebay watch: James Thurber memorabilia? Shipping Box for his cremated ashes!
Looking for that special gift this Christmas for the the literati that has everything? I bet they don't have this: For a mere $499 (starting bid), you can purchase the shipping container that once held the urn and cremation remains or cremains (today's less...
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