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Sofia Bautista Pertuz
Higher Education Professional, Diversity Leader and PhD Student
Higher Education Professional, Diversity Leader and PhD Student

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Autocorrect is Wrong: My Dissertation IS NOT in Disarray
My Beautiful Writing Group: Helping Each Other Stay Focused I
type the word "dissertation" into my iPhone at least twice a day
while searching, texting, and communicating with my rather large support group
who are with me on my journey to doctora .
The Lati...

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Guest Blogger: Marie Nubia Feliciano at the First International Latina/o Studies Conference
This week’s special guest blogger shares her story about her recent trip to Chicago to attend the first International Latina/o Studies Conference .  Marie also shares a little about her balancing act of being a doctoral student, partner, mom and employee.  ...

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It Takes a Village: Why Asking for Help is Essential to the Dissertation Process
The 700 th person just joined my Facebook group: Latinas Completing Doctoral Degrees , and I am both amazed and humbled at the
same time.   Almost a year ago I started blogging about my dissertation journey in hopes that I would find support for
my extrinsi...

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One Major Key to Success for Doctoral Students: Building a Supportive Network
I am excited to share that I recently finished collecting
data for my dissertation and the finish line is now in sight. I must say I owe
it to my amazing committee, my understanding family, my helpful colleagues and
a very supportive online network. About a...

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Celebrating Milestones and Handling Setbacks
Top - Dissertation Proposal Defense,      Bottom Left - Ready for a great ski day with the family,      Bottom Right - Waiting for rescue after knee injury I recently had to put
some things in perspective and I thank God for moments of clarity to help me ta...

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Year End Gratitude and Goal Setting for 2014!
Celebrating 2013 and looking forward to 2014! The end of the year seems to be a perfect time to reflect on
accomplishments of the past and set goals for the future. It is also a great
time for expressing gratitude to people in our lives who serve as reminde...

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Dissertation Roadblock: Getting Stuck on the Information Super Highway
Found this great infographic by Anna Vital on I feel like the past
few weeks I have been in hibernation mode and I know it's been a while since I have posted a new blog entry. I think...

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Guest Blogger Sherlene Ayala: Angry Latina with a Balancing Act and an Added Dose of Microaggressions
week’s special guest blogger has a story to tell about her balancing act of
being a full time employee, doctoral student and family member.   This struggle would seem pretty typical for
any person trying to achieve many goals, but what makes this story...

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Presuming Incompetence: A Hairstyle and a Lesson in Chicago
Top - Sofia Pertuz in Chicago with new hairstyle, Bottom Left - Book, Presumed Incompetent, Bottom Right - Sofia Pertuz with book co-editor Carmen G. Gonzalez I have a confession to make.   I presumed someone incompetent. I felt bad,
took action to reverse ...

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Guest Blogger Cindy Bautista-Thomas: Emerging Scholar Starting with Getting a Ph.D!
Top left: Cindy Bautista-Thomas, Top right: Cindy & her children, Bottom left: Sisters Cindy & Sofia, Bottom right: Cindy & husband Winston A few blog entries ago, titled The Courage to Restart and Recommit , I shared my admiration
and pride in my sister’s ...
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