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CONCIERGE AUDIOLOGY SERVICE - The best way to receive excellence in hearing care. Get personalized, expert help with your hearing issues in the comfort of your home. Family members are invited to participate if desired. Avoid idle time and germs lurking in waiting rooms. Home Hearing Help will deliver!
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2 Free Ways To "Aid Hearing

May 01, 2017

Firstly, remember to use your vision during conversation:
1. There are important cues received from looking at facial expression, lip movement and gestures.
2. Wear your glasses or contacts.
3. Turn on the lights and open the shades.
4. Face one another.
5. Pick a good seat in group listening situations.
6. Try to view the speaker face on, not at an angle.

Secondly, reduce background noise when possible:
1. Turn off noise sources (especially the television!)
2. Go to quiet restaurants.
3. Request a quiet table at the restaurant.
4. Walk away from the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher that is in use.
5. Turn off the car radio and close the car windows.

These are free and easy to do. Spread the word!
#hearingloss #hearinghelp
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Now that Spring is almost here, remember ear protection when using a lawnmower. The recent edition of Laryngoscope noted that the most common source of offensive noise that is overlooked by many is the lawnmower. Please consider using ear muff or ear plugs! #hearingloss, #noise
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