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I review music every day...
I review music every day...

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Live Show: Electric Six
Where: Leicester Venue: The Scholar Live from Leicester its Electric Six! The gig began with a tribute to Saturday Night Live which summed up the mood for the evening; fun, energetic, hilarious albeit slightly overrun, with a few duds here and there. I am a...

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Discovery II: Jack Bowden - "Arsonist"
It takes creativity and talent to learn how to write like Kent based musician Jack Bowden . Without trying to sound too respectful, Bowden's song writing skills are
next to none for the subject matter. Flicking through his repertoire of
songs, I noticed Bow...

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Track Review: Slowdive - "Star Roving" / "Sugar for the Pill"
When Slowdive announced they were releasing new music, I didn't quite know how to feel. As a monumental fan of Slowdive, new music seemed somewhat out of the question when seeing how many of today's nostalgic renaissance have stumbled. Though, who was I try...

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Discovery: Dark Dark Horse - "Into the Night"
I remember seeing Dark Dark Horse in Leicester a few years back when they supported The Twilight Sad at Firebug, a venue / bar deep in the heart of Leicester's music scene. That was five and a half years ago, and along came an album review a few months late...

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Live Show - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Venue: O2 Academy Where: Leicester Yeah there's no picture because I didn't take my obligatory awkward one picture from the back. I used to do it only for the purpose of live reviews like here , which I didn't even take, and here - where the setting was far...

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Discovery II: Tomine Mikkeline - "Hallelujah"
There’s not
really a place to start with Tomine Mikkeline, in her native Norway she's
already a well respected vocalist and known talent - but somewhat of an enigma
outside of the Nordic world. She's sung for  Malala
Yousafzai, Queen Sonja of Norway, and al...

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Discovery: Prince of Toronto - Flies With Honey
We last heard from Jackson Fishauf in 2013 during the Discovery
Weekender. Back then Fishauf was doing things a little differently, his album   Legitimate   was well received by all of us, and stacked in country-esque heavy rock music attuned to fellow Cana...

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Discovery: Michael Vickers - "When I'm Back Home"
It's important to give local music attention, and although many of
our readers are from Brazil, Russia, yeah and even a bunch of Latvians; but we
still get the odd view from the home nation, home county, home. With MichaelVickers ; there's a sense of nepoti...

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Take Me Back: Jeff Buckley - Sweet Thing
Van Morrison has a knack for writing beautiful songs, his masterpiece Astral Weeks featured many of his best works but " Sweet Thing " stood out as one of his optimistic songs in a period of hurt and soul searching. The recording on Astral Weeks featured Va...

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Take Me Back: Slowdive - Crazy for You
nothing quite as addictive as Slowdive, nothing more so than their third and
'final' album  Pygmalion,  which regularly does the rounds
through my ethereal and atmospheric period of bi-monthly un-categorised music
listening. Often jumping from Slowd...
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