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David Sharp
If a jobs worth doing its worth paying someone else to do it
If a jobs worth doing its worth paying someone else to do it

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in MP pKP 8025+I'm ml 70!085988Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson: Tied Together Forever

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if you like art...ello is a great social network

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This was poor. Cant believe they were satisfied with this when they wrapped it up. Didn't care much for last week also. Keeping the faith that they'll move on soon. thanks for the great blog

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this "takes the biscuit"

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we've all been there..or behind there any-ways the acceptable face of castration.

Distros using Gnome..tried #Debian , #Fedora and #OpenSuse on the same PC (old Lenovo M58). Debian won the day with its stability. OpenSuse froze twice in an hour and fedora had graphics issues straight out the gate.

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when the mysteries of the universe are revealed bit by bit...

A good conversation is like a good car boot..lots of familiar things then you find something you want to take home and add to your pile.

Quote of the day "my self-worth was in direct proportion to how hard I applied myself to productive pursuits"..the late Andrew Breitbart

Well that’s me done with Game of Thrones. Either the story or the screenwriters have gone down a path I’m not interested in going down for my entertainment.
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