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G Angela David
Coming from Secunderabad, Telengana, an optimist and enthusiastic about life, believes in God and Loves friends ....
Coming from Secunderabad, Telengana, an optimist and enthusiastic about life, believes in God and Loves friends ....


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Welcoming Trees from the Osmania University, Hyderabad :)
trees on the road side standing like guard of honor, right from the moment you
enter the university campus till the exit of that road, you will find beautiful
trees on either side of the road welcoming every one – for me it looks like a
greeting  J . I ...

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Gratitude-October, 2017
October came and by the time I realized its already October,
November silently stood  J reminding me there is only one month left for the year to end. October was
fully packed with events and celebrations. David and me completed 18 years of our life’s journ...

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#WATWB - Dr Ruth Pfau
Not all of us can
prevent a war; but most of us can help ease sufferings of the body and the soul
– Ruth Pfau Dr Ruth Pfau a German
Physician and nun known as the “Pakistan’s Mother Theresa was accorded a full
state funeral, as the first Christian women in ...

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Tree Love 22
that Plants Trees, Love others beside Himself” Thomas Fuller I
visited St Francis Junior college, Secunderabad for the Parent Teachers meeting;   my daughter
has joined this college this academic year after completing her class X.  I am happy as this wa...

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Rosemary Viaguladass
Rosemary is my mother’s name and today
is her birthday, which has always been special occasion for me. I never forget
my birthday and always loved to celebrate with her, affirming, and appreciating
her for all that she was for me in my life. I used to pick ...

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Cherished Blogfest 2017
you for the extended Cherished blogfest – I was happy to see this invitation in
my inbox, from Dan Antion , and was glad to make a
post and connect with so many other bloggers who are inspiring through their posts.
This post is part of the Cherished B...

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Thursday Tree Love 21
These pictures were taken by my daughter
Maria Dorothy when she went on a study tour to Kerala in September 2017.  She knows my love for trees; she sent this to
me on whatsapp. I looked at this and was confused with so many small little
branches… I stared a...

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Helen Keller
I have read the book - The Story of My Life by Helen Keller and I got
so carried away with her courage, determination, perseverance, positivity and
thankful attitude that kept me thinking about her for this whole week. I can never imagine child who loses he...

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Super September 2017  A Gratitude Post
call this month a blessed one as it was filled with so many events,
celebrations and activities and at the same time keeping me fit and in good
health. September welcomed me with series of birthdays of all those whom I love
and fond of – beginning with Da...

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Thursday Tree Love 20
can be changed by what happens to me.  But I refuse to be reduced by it.” Maya
Angelo You
may encounter many defeats; but you must not be defeated. In
fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you
are, what you can rise from...
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