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If you want your fires to grow big and strong you have feed them right.
If you want your fires to grow big and strong you have feed them right.

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Review - How to start your wood burning fireplace easy and fast with the FiAir blower

Do you ever struggle to get your wood burning fireplace going?
How long does it take? Five minutes? Ten?
You’re not alone.

John Tondra’s wife always called on him to start up their wood burning fireplace. So, independent as she is, he wanted to make it easier for her to do it herself. The old manual squeeze-type fireplace bellows just wasn’t doing the job. So, John decided to give her a FiAir blower to feed air to the fire at the push of a button. He didn’t hear from her all Winter. Finally, John had to try it for himself and did this video review of his experience. He just lit some newspaper balls under his cordwood logs and watched the blaze grow as he added FiAir.

FiAir is a simple, hand-held point & shoot device that blows a continuous, powerful flow of air wherever you aim it. You can work from 2-3 feet from the fire without bending — your back will thank you.

The FiAir hand-held blower isn’t just for wood fires in fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits and campfires. Because any fire benefits from FiAir, now you can have your charcoal grill up to cooking temperature in half the time you’re used to — typically just 8-12 minutes. Whether you’re backyard grilling, out tailgating or getting a fast start on slow cooking at a BBQ Competition FiAir goes with you for absolute control over all your fires.    
FiAir is the first and ONLY truly portable battery powered blower for wood and charcoal fires and comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.
Made in America for Keepers of the Flame Worldwide

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'Tis the giving season, people! Which is why the world's first and only sure-fire stocking stuffer & hot new hearth hanger now ships free in all 50 states. Order today and have FiAir in time to feed your fires, friends & a festive spirit with a welcoming blaze in the holiday hearth. Or warm the hearts of any deserving grill chefs, pit bosses, tailgaters, campers, wood stove owners or log-burning fireplace tenders with a gift for all seasons. Made in America for Keepers of the Flame Worldwide — made even better with FREE HOLIDAY SHIPPING!

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Q: How will heat from the fire effect FiAir?
A: Not much...

The entire unit, including the tip, will be made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic — a strong, durable production-grade thermoplastic used in many industries for products that require superior hardness, toughness and ability to accept a variety of finishes. Technically, ABS has no true melting point, but Its glass transit
ion temperature is approximately 221°F or 105 °C. In practical terms, that means your hand will feel the heat a lot sooner than FiAir and you'll just reflexively pull away.

Also, FiAir is powerful enough to use at a safe distance as your fire progresses.
In other words, when you first light your fire, it doesn't put out much heat; so you can work as close as you like to get your blaze going. As the fire gets hotter, you simply pull back a foot or two and continue using FiAir to spread and raise the flame.

The fire tells you what it needs
You don't need to -- nor should you -- run FiAir continuously. Feed FiAir for about 30 seconds and pause to see how the fire reacts. Concentrate on a few hot spots to make them even hotter. Then aim FiAir at the areas that still need to catch or use FiAir to spread flames in their direction. Continue using FiAir intermittently to stoke and refresh your flames as you add logs to wood fires or coals to the grill.
It's unlikely that you'll need to use FiAir for more than about 5 minutes per fire. But we already know you'll probably use it a lot more than you need to until the novelty wears off. FiAir really is FUN to use, but after a while you'll use it as the tool it was intended to be. At least we think so. It'll all depend on how much you like playing with fire.

Our prototype parts are made from a 3D printer using a UV-cured, epoxy resin. This material is less than half the strength and durability of ABS and is very brittle and sensitive to heat. Even so, with all the fires we've made, the tip of our prototype has never felt more than warm to the touch. Our designer suggests that in comparison, ABS would seem like steel compared to this prototype material. So, as long as you don't drop FiAir directly into a hot fire, heat should not be an issue.

More questions? Please fire away…

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If you want your fires to grow big and strong you have to feed them right.
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