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How to bridge the distance between business strategy and design:

If you’re about to start building a brand from the bottom up, or are trying to identify why your brand-building efforts just aren’t catching on, this one’s for you.

The Brand Gap takes viewers through the basics of establishing and executing a brand-building strategy.

Of course, you’re not going to learn everything about launching and honing a successful brand from a slideshow, but this is definitely a great place to get started.

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"What Is Code?" has attracted more unique visitors and page views than anything else posted on Bloomberg Business.

Let's write a story about computer code and how computers work. Let's do it long form. And not just kind of long form. Seriously long form. Let's do a piece that, in effect, decodes an entire civilization. Oh, and if it's 38,000 words, no problem.

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The Federal Trade Commission cracking down on social media advertising.

The U.S. agency updates its FAQ page for endorsement requirements for the first time since 2010. The new guidance may precede a crackdown.

Do you hold contests with promotional tie-ins to social media? It might be time for a proper-disclosure check up.

That’s because the FTC, the agency that enforces U.S. truth-in-advertising laws, appears to be sending get-tougher signals.

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Traditional merchants and digital-first retailers are figuring out the store of the future.

It was 2 in the morning when Bayard Winthrop woke up and, "clear as a bell," saw the solution to a business puzzle that had been giving him fits. He sat up and started scribbling as fast as he could on a pad he kept at his bedside, trying to get it all down before it slid away like a dream.

The psychology of color, as it relates to persuasion, is one of the most interesting--and most controversial--aspects of marketing.
The reason: Most of today's conversations on colors and persuasion consist of hunches, anecdotal evidence, and advertisers blowing smoke about "colors and the mind."
To alleviate this trend and give proper treatment to a truly fascinating element of human behavior, today we're going to cover a selection of the most reliable research on color theory and persuasion.
Why does color psychology invoke so much conversation ... but is backed with so little factual data?

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Few people personalize their connection requests on LinkedIn, but those 300 characters can have a big impact. Whether you're connecting with someone you know well, someone you've barely met, or even someone you don't know at all, here are 10 LinkedIn invitation templates to help you find the right words to say.

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Here are 10 signs you need to rethink your approach to social selling in order to leverage it effectively and achieve business results.

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Scaling your sales organization can be a daunting task. Find out how you can hire fast and hire right by zeroing in on three distinct traits of top performers.
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