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(Reborn) Baby for Selma
I can't tell you how many times I have been hit up for a free reborn - most of the time I can tell it is a kid asking, occasionally it will be someone with a sad story - but obviously I can't just give reborns away left and right.  However, there was one pa...

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Back in October I made my mom a baby boy that she named Jimmy (after her late older brother) and this week I surprised her with Jimmy's twin sister, which she has named Jenny. She was really surprised and happy to receive her. I think they look really cute ...

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Reborn Easter Swap
I am going to be participating in the Easter Swap this year. I missed out on the Valentine Swap -  This is among a group of reborn artist that are on a forum I am on. The rules are that we decide what kit we want to do and send a picture of the kit to the h...

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I'm 3 Years Old!
I just had a birthday. I am 3 years old. Mom says I am a full fledged grown up now. I guess I do feel a little different. All of a sudden I want to hike my leg on the tree. We went to the dog bark and I hiked my leg on every tree and bush around. I had to d...

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Catching Up
I think I am just a wee bit behind on posting all my babies that have been done in the past month or so. Looking back on my post "All in one place" I left off with Kyra. That was quite a while ago - so to catch up I am starting a new post. Some may look fam...

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My First AA Reborn Baby
I finally completed my first African American reborn baby. I have to say this caused me quite a bit of stress - only because I am so hard on myself and I wanted her to be perfect. I didn't realize how much harder it was going to be to try to get a nice skin...

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Assisted Living
I am working on several reborns that are going to be going to several different areas to be used in a program for Dementia patients as therapy. My first baby (Blaze) went to New Jersey and they also chose Shyann and Olive - all 3 as boys. I am also working ...

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Craft Fair Goal
I am hoping to start in with some craft shows and fairs in the
upcoming year. That is one of my 2017 goals. I now have my 2.5 x 6
 banner, which I love, my business cards, thank you cards, magnets, tee
shirts for me to wear at the shows, a denim apron wi...

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Christmas Babies
Adoption sales have been tremendous this past month. I have been crazy busy making baby after baby after baby and I love it! Each baby I sent out in the months of November and December went home with a Christmas sleeper, onesie or outfit. Since I do a lot o...

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Christmas Photos!
Last night we took bunches and bunches of pictures. My mom was determined to get at least one good shot for our Christmas cards.  Mom and dad wore matching PJ pants (ha! ha!) and tee shirts. I didn't have to wear anything except my cool bandana. We have Dee...
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