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Barry Whittingham
“Things are never as bad as we fear nor as good as we hope."
“Things are never as bad as we fear nor as good as we hope."


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Forgotten Sarlat (Sarlat-la-Canéda) A miracle of preservation, Sarlat France is one of the best example of medieval France. This village is a living town and not just a historical curiosity. A great place to take pictures, shop, and visit a...

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Remembering My Childhood Home of Yorkshire
This is a photo library of the region of England where I grew up as a child and young man. Visit my new website "Call of France" for interesting information about where I now am living in France as an expat . Yorkshire Today (Via Wikipedia) In the 1970s th...

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French Guy Makes King Cake
French King Cake as made by French Guy Chef. This is a video recipe on how to make a "French King Cake", galette des rois ou
gateau des rois. This is puff pastry and almond cream that makes a delicious and
crispy cake, so easy to make! Celebrate Epiphany ...

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New Year Fireworks Paris

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The Best French Christmas Songs
 6 Popular French Christmas Songs...Enjoy! Lisette Jambel - Jingle Bells (with Lyrics) Line Renaud - Star Snow (with Lyrics) Charles Trenet - Christmas Song (with Lyrics) Tino Rossi - Il est né le Divin Enfant (with Lyrics) Jacqueline François - Noël Blanc ...

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Temps de Noel
Most likely anyone having seen the movie...knows the story of the American family visiting France for Christmas , and leaving their youngest son behind. Form the Video Description: Back in 1990, I remember seeing the movie Home Alone. The McAlister Family w...

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Les traditions françaises de Noël
Here is another French tradition, the celebration of Christmas with music. From the Video Description: Alle Psallite Cum Luya (Latin Christmas Song From France) · Aquabella. Advent Wreath One Song For Each Sunday In Advent ℗ 2008 Aquabella "The Advent wreat...

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Barfield School - Intro Video
"Barfield School" The First Book in the Trilogy "Call of France" About the Story... The first novel in the trilogy CALL OF FRANCE , Barfield School is a psychological dramatization of some of the things which led the author to start a new life in a country ...

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The French Traditions of Christmas
Time to relax and enjoy the season! The next few posts will highlight Christmas traditions in France, along with Christmas is a post about French Christmas Traditions . "Advent Calendars are of course given to eager French children in anticipat...

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Strasbourg Christmas Market, capitale de Noël
If you are going to be in France during December, it is worth your time to stop in Strasbourg, a picturesque city in the Alsace region...what a magical Christmas atmosphere! It deserves its reputation as the 'Christmas Capitol' of France.
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