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Fred McDonald

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A view from (and of) our classroom on one of the last days of the Embedded Systems class. (Eagle Spring Lake, Wisconsin -- from Pete's boathouse.)
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Fred McDonald

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At 16:11 today, my new computer was in Hodgkins, IL. The next update is 18:18, an arrival scan in Oak Creek, WI. I was at UWP during this time period, so basically it passed between my home and me.

Augh! Seriously, just pull over for a minute, I'll take it from there ...

OK, I'll pick it up at the UPS Store in Kenosha on Monday.
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Fred McDonald

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So, which is going to get here first: my new computer or the replacement capacitors for my Samsung monitor? (OK, I can use the computer with the spare monitor, but I'd prefer my main monitor, especially with the new video card.)

#geek   #computerrepair   #linux  
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The race is on!
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Fred McDonald

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Ever have one of those "What the hell did I just watch moments?" I do have to say that I actually like this and might be interested in seeing / hearing more. (Admittedly, I have no idea what's being sung and although one of my sweeties does speak some German, it's a bit too fast for her to really translate.)  #music   #musicvideo   #peterfox   #german  
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Oh, Fran found the translated lyrics, but honestly they didn't really contribute to my understanding of the song. Still kind of cool, though.
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Fred McDonald

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This story really touches me. I had a cat who's preferred location when I took her to the vet was on my shoulders. I usually had to kneel down so the vet could examine her, but the vets very much understood and acknowledged it as part of caring for her (and us spoiling her as much as we spoil any of our cats.)

Personally, I think I would have stopped the visit as soon as the vet said "Yes, I know what I’m doing here. Now please step away from your dog." No, you obviously don't know what you're doing. The vet that came out and treated the dog (and patient) correctly? Yeah, that almost brought tears to my eyes. That's the right way to do things.
(I take my dog in to my regular vet office on an emergency basis because he has a bad eye infection. He's had eye infections before, owing to genetic tear duct problems, and has always tolerated exami...
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Pippin, our 40-lb husky mix, snapped at/toward one of our vets who was feeling his tummy on one of his first visits (resulting in me scolding and scruffing him), so his chart has a "will bite" sticker and he gets a similar neckband when he boards. Despite that, our vets don't have any problem treating Pippin, and the kennel staff are fine with him. They clearly understand dog behavior, and are capable of rational risk evaluation.
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Fred McDonald

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I can't get through this comic without crying, but damned if it isn't one of the best things I've read this week. #cats   #comic   #crying  
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Fred McDonald

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So about two hours ago I ordered a new computer from System76. While I've set aside the full purchase price, I decided to finance it anyway so I could spread the payments out a little. This involved a text from their finance service, but since my phone doesn't do texts (or rather I've not enabled the option,) I opted to get my verification code by voice.

Imaging my reaction when a very GladOS-like call came over my phone. Yeah, it made me laugh, but still ...

Anyway, I'm really looking forwards to this new system.

#linux    #system76   #geek   #portal  
System76 computers empower the world's curious and capable makers of tomorrow.
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Unlike the cake, System76 is not a lie...
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Fred McDonald

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Good thing I have backups, huh?
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Fred McDonald

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During some downtime at work here, I was playing around with a WINE setup that I'm trying to configure on my Linux laptop. Here at work I've got a VirtualBox on my Win 7 desktop so to test an idea, I installed WINE (well, actually, PlayOnLinux, but same idea ...). This means that I was running a Windows compatibility layer on Linux in a virtual box in Windows. I'm pretty sure this violates some state laws, but it made me laugh.

(Also I think it helped me solve my problem, so yay!)

#linux   #geek  
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Fred McDonald

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And you're adding me to your circles because ...?

OK, new policy here. If you have no information in your profile, no common users with me, no pictures, and no posts, I'm just going to go ahead and block you without hesitation. I don't know what benefit you think you're getting out of adding me to your circle, but if we have absolutely no connection at all, I really don't care who you are, so piss off.

#cranky   #random   #spam  
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Fred McDonald

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Sign from Dallas comic book shop today: I guess they opened a bit late today! Yay!
We salute you, happy gay people of Red Pegasus Comics in Dallas, Texas. [IMGUR, and you can support them at]
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Fred McDonald

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It's about damned time! No, it's not going to solve all the LGBTQ social issues, but it's a good step anyway.
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After you've been online for a while, you've filled out a lot of profiles. I've been online since 1991. No, that's not a typo. I've been online longer than some of my classmates have been alive! No wonder I'm so cranky some days.

Anyway, as I say in other profiles ...

I'm just a garden variety bi, poly, Pagan / agnostic, geek. Physically I'm fandom type Male #3 - bearded [presenting as ...] guy with long hair and glasses.

I'm a freelance computer programmer with a heavy background in databases. Lately, I've been doing a lot more Web-based interfaces and all the cool stuff you can do with HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3. For my 40th birthday, I returned to school to finally get my IT degree, majoring in Software Development. I'm increasingly glad I did, even if it is a lot of work!

One of the joys of programming and IT work is that there's always something new. Sometimes it feels overwhelming -- I'll never know everything! Most of the time, it satisfies a much larger priority in my Maslow's hierarchy: I learned something new today (and applied it in a useful manner.)

Yeah, I'll take that!

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