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Daniel Baines
Student & Aspiring Game Developer
Student & Aspiring Game Developer

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My Nexus 6P is dying at 50% now and Huawei won't help me! What do I do? I'm stuck with a useless phone.

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I am taking part in a 5K obstacle run to raise money for Cancer Research UK:

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Looking for some advice here.

My Nexus 6P is about a year old and experiencing the battery shut off issue, I didn't purchase directly from Google so I have been dealing with Huawei UK. Their solution is to wait for a software update from Google which may or may not come.

To be honest after this issue I just want my money back, I bought this phone to last me a good few years to make it worth the initial cost and it doesn't look like it is going to be able to (the battery life has massively degraded).

Ideally I want to get a Pixel but they are really expensive and so I wouldn't want to do that unless I can get some money back from my current phone.

Not sure what I can do though really as +Huawei UK is not being very helpful. To top things off I noticed a small chip in the side of my phone today :'(

Got the Nexus 6P battery shutdown issue and it is driving me mad! Didn't purchase it directly from Google so now dealing with Huawei which isn't looking good...

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How is this possible?

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Wish I could play this...

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