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Knowing Your Business
Is your business being HEARD?
Is your business being HEARD?


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If somebody asked you what is the most crucial aspect of business to focus on to ensure success, what would you say?

We seek the answer to that question and more on this 19th November Knowing Your Business Show. Show time starts at 10 am until 12 noon on Puritans Radio. Listen live by clicking this link

We'll also discover why our guests started their own successful businesses. The challenges, the joys, the pain, the pleasures.

And what a knowledgeable guest line up we have.

10:10am - William Buist

William is the owner of xTEN - who works with remarkable businesses to unlock sustainable profits & avoid costly mistakes.

10:35am - Sue Ingram

Sue is author of ‘Fire Well, how to fire staff so they thank you’ and founder of Converse Well

11:05am - Sarah Lewis

Sarah is recognised as the UK’s leading expert on Appreciative Inquiry.

11:30am - Dave Millet

Dave is a Telecom's Broker - Giving Businesses independent advice and saving them money.

Join show hosts Ian Gentles and Chris Hogan from 10 am until 12, as we discuss business Listen Live
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On this 5th November Radio Show we talk with PR /media experts

Chantal Cooke. Broadcaster. Journalist. Co-founder and Managing Director /

Sallie Boyce. Founder Communica Public Relations with a background working with international conglomerates, boutique brands and everything in between.

Fiona Scott. Journalist, TV producer, media consultant. Fiona describes herself as a social media freak who regularly runs workshops – with others – on how to make the best of the platforms available.

Join show hosts +Ian Gentles  and +Judy Mansfield from 10 am until 12, as they discuss business, the media, and PR

Listen Live
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Our live radio broadcasts are about facts & balance. It’s about telling an engaging story, & the goal is to educate
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Is publicity is more effective than advertising?

One of the unique advantages of PR over other marketing methods is that it can give products and services the stamp of approval from a third party.

This week we talk with three esteemed guests from the industry to dig a bit deeper into the benefits.

Judy Mansfield is back guest presenting. Show show starts at 10 am on Puritans Radio​. with lots of great PR tips to help YOUR business.

Full show details and how to listen right here
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After a brief hiatus while moving studios, we're back TODAY (Thursday 12th August) between 10 and noon. We have an assortment of phone-in guests who'll be sharing their business insights, including the amazing Clare Josa, talented Sharon Jervis, and recent author Geetu Bharwaney.

Join show host +Ian Gentles and regular guest presenter business communications expert +Chris Hogan from 10 am. It's a show packed FULL of business insights.

Listen on the website or look for Puritans Radio on the 'TuneIn Radio' app (we're hosted by Banbury United FC and that's their nickname).

Fancy being a guest? Contact us with some background information
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Four amazing guests. Four fascinating stories.

The challenges of being in business are never scripted. Some are unknown, many are common. But you need to be in business to understand them.

This week +Julie Cooper is back guest presenting. Blessed with a curious mind that's just perfect for radio interviewing.

Our guests are eclectic mix. One an award winning writer / journalist.

In the interviewees chair are; Taimur Khan, Rhys Marc Photis, Matthew Teller and Brad Kuhmley

Showtime starts at 10 am this Thursday 11th June 2015 on Radio Horton.

Show host +Ian Gentles 

All the details inside this link
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Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable
,,,,,,,,But they’re never weakness.

Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, will be the truth.

On this weeks show we have four guests who've stepped onto the stage. They've lead a way forward in full glare of others.

Has it been easy? What are their secrets? 

We'll find out from 10 am on Thursday the 28th May 2015.

We will also hear the excitement in their voices. Their mission, their values, their vulnerabilities, and their passion.

Mr +Chris Hogan is back guest presenting. He'll be asking the questions to the following esteemed guests;

Jeannette Pritchard at 10:10 am
Founder and Chair: JPC | Founder & Co Director: Ugli | Founder & Chair Trustee: Brand Amplifier

Ray Edwards MBE at 10:40 am
Chairman of the Board at Limbcare | Motivational and Inspirational speaker Ray Inspires

Matt Cooper-Jones at 11:05 am
Director at Echo Keys (Echo Connect)

Jo Simpson at 11:30 am
Managing Director of Leadership Alignment Ltd

Show host is +Ian Gentles 

You can see all the details and how to listen right here by clicking this link

#KnowingYourBusiness , the business radio show that loves stories.
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Parenting has never been so easy. Has it?

Today there are a myriad of products are services your grandparents could only dream of for one.

Let us not forget your own parents wish list too..

This week we take a look into the world of four business owners who serve young parents and their children in today's age.

We'll find out WHY they started out? We'll hear their mission, their values, their vulnerabilities, and their passion. We may even gleam a few parenting tips too.

Showtime stars at 10 am on Radio Horton.

Join me Ian Gentles (show host) with guest presenter (and young Mum), life coach Sarah Sienkiewicz.

Our guests are Matt Buttery, Dominique Tillen, Heather Staight and Carrie Gregory-Hood.

For full show and guests details, and how to listen, click this link
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Those where the days .....

Beautiful boutiques, cafe's bars and restaurants. Bustling Farmers' markets, sometimes cobbled streets - to state of the art 'covered' town center shopping malls.

Let's not forget the lined streets of quirky independent shops.

Then came ....

The proliferation of retail parks where destination retail has become a proper shopping experience! Well that's what the brochure said.

You know the type - giving businesses a winning professional image, in a desirable photo rich setting for customers to shop. Everyone is smiling - even those with their young families!

Oh, and FREE parking.

Darn those marketing people. The car park was packed!

Hang on, I thought retail had metamorphosed into online these days?

You know, never leave the comfort of your own home. Free up time. More choice. No car journeys filled with stress finding that 'near the shops' car parking space.

And yet, according to research from Rackspace over a third (34 per cent) of the 2,000 consumers surveyed said they will give up browsing a website after 10 minutes if they can’t find what they want and a further 26 per cent will give up after 15 minutes.

That seems a long time to me.

Or is it a mix of all those that entices us to buy?

Does the future of the high street (and retail parks) lie in 'connected retail'? Is there a retail renaissance underway because of digital?

The speed with which new technologies have been adopted by consumers is breathtaking. The use of tablets and mobile is unprecedented.

New customer touch points, such as social media, have burst onto the scene, leaving retailers struggling to decide whether to prioritise social commerce, digitally enable stores or focus on mobile strategy.

Understanding when to harness these technologies and how to communicate is what connected retail is all about. So we're being told.

What's the answers?

This week we speak with four experts in retail to find out the challenges, the successes, and how they see the future unfolding.

At 10:10 am.  Naomi Perkins - Founder of Naomi’s Café Bar. Telemarketing & PR Expert.

At 10:40 am. Deborah Millington  - RedBorder Ltd Director and Retail Marketing and Sales specialist.

At 11:05 am. Dawn Statham-Lowe - Director +Attavanti.  A Worcester company which has office’s in St Mary’s Street has shown the success of its brand by being awarded the #SBS business award on Twitter by Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Theo Pathitis.

At 11:30 am. Nicholas Wylde - Owner, Nicholas Wylde Ltd. He realised his dream of starting his own business in 1987, opening his first shop in Bath at the age of 24. Now has a shop in Bristol too. Also launching his bespoke diamond collection with a pop up shop at London’s exclusive department store Fenwick.

Asking the questions is regular guest show presenter, That Ex BBC journalist, PR man, and now town centre guy, +Iain Nicholson

Knowing Your Business Radio Show host, and marketing man, is +Ian Gentles.

Show time starts at 10 am 14th May on Radio Horton.

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How to make business exhibitions work for you.

That's what we're aiming to find out on today's Knowing Your Business Radio Show.

They say people buy from people.

Exhibitions, conferences and trade shows are the perfect platform for meeting key people in your industry — giving you the opportunity to market your business face to face. Talk to as many people as possible, take time to learn about their business and remember .......... to take their business card.

To help us understand a little more of the in's and out's we've invited three talented guests. +Stuart Allen FCMI, +Carie Lyndene and Rob Brooks.

Asking the all important questions is regular guest presenter +Julie Cooper. Renowned author and people skills training / development trainer. Also known as +Spring Development 

Knowing Your Business Radio Show host is marketing expert +Ian Gentles.

Showtime starts at 10 am on Radio Horton​. Guest details and how to listen inside this link

If you miss the show - not a problem. You can come back within 48 hours and listen to the podcasts.

Plus, We will be live on #Periscope. You can see that over on Twitter via this profile

#BusinessExhibitions   #BusinessRadio   #KYBS  
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