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Smart Card Standard Specifications and Crafts
1.card standard specifications: 85.5 * 54 * 0.84mm
2.crafts of smart card: gold, silver, flash gold, flash silver, hot silver, hot laser gold / silver, hot mirror gold and silver, signature strip, bump code, flat code, spray code, surface matte, hit Holes, filming, packaging bags, etc.

The Production Crafts of Smart Cards:
1. Usable white PVC material, the surface is made of scrub, smooth or matte effect, can also be made translucent, completely transparent material;
2. Can be made into square, round and any other irregular shapes, such as keychain access cards;
3. The standard thickness of the contact IC card (outside the chip) is 0.84mm, and the standard thickness of the ID and M1 card (invisible chip) is from 0.84 to 1.0mm. For other thicknesses, a special edition is required;
4. The standard size of the card is 85.5mm * 54mm, can also be made into other sizes;
5. The card can be printed on one or both sides, using silk screen, offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) or silk plus offset printing method;
6. The background color of the card can be made of gold or imitation silver, that is, gold and silver.
7. You can sprinkle gold powder and silver powder on the card, and the effect will be golden and silver after printing;
8. You can add a signature strip or a tablet (the area that can be written by hand). The signature strip has a white sign, a gray sign, a transparent sign, and a flower sign (pattern sign);
9. You can play laser code (the smart card needs to be coded, it is recommended to use this process);
10. You can punch the convex code, the convex code can be bronzing or hot silver; the card number can be arranged in order, or you can play a personalized, irregular number (because there are coils and chips in the smart card, it is recommended to use this as little as possible) Process to avoid damage to the coil or chip);
11. You can use hot stamping machine to burn text/pattern on the card, common hot gold/silver, as well as green gold, blue gold, red gold and other colors;
12. You can spray different numbers, PIN codes or words on each card;
13. You can make round holes or strip holes on the ordinary card; other holes need to use the new customized mould;
14. Can pass UV oil, print corporate LOGO, and focus on the advantages of the company;
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2018 Chinese Valentine's Day-Card Cube
Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, Qiqiao Festival or Qijie's Birthday, originated in China, is a traditional festival in the Chinese region and East Asian countries. The festival comes from the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. It is celebrated in the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. After the Meiji Restoration, it was changed to the solar calendar on July 7). Because the main participants of this day's activities are girls, and the content of the festival activities is mainly based on well-being, people call this day "Jiaoqiao Festival" or "Girls' Day" and "Daughter's Day". On May 20, 2006, qixi was included in the first list of national intangible cultural heritage by the State Council of China.
The Qixi Festival takes the folklore of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl as the carrier, expressing the emotions of married men and women who are never abandoning and white-headed. The two sides are committed to love. As time goes by, Qixi has become a Chinese Valentine's Day.
Card Cube Blessing:
The spring lily gives you a splendid life, the summer beach gives you a lifetime of romance, the autumn blue sky gives you a lifetime of dreams, the warmth of winter gives you a lifetime of sorrow, and the greetings of Tanabata give you a lifetime of love.
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Rfid wristband for rescue in disaster
The application of RFID wristbands is very promising and can be used in gym, amusement parks, clubs, hotels, hospitals, urban transportation and other fields. With the development of Internet technology, people apply RFID technology to the field of disaster rescue, and solve the shortcomings of traditional search and rescue methods.
Rescuers need to wear RFID tags before a disaster, and RFID tags for wear typically require very small, lightweight and wearable sensor nodes. A dedicated wearable RFID wristband tag has been developed specifically for this purpose.
The base station software system receives the data of the rescued personnel collected by the wireless sensor network. Provides the ability to publish queries and management commands to wireless sensor networks. Provides historical sensor data query and trend analysis. When the data of the rescued person exceeds the normal range, an alarm message is generated and the manager is called for help. Search and rescue personnel hold RFID terminals to determine the location of the rescued personnel and implement rescue.
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Driver training RFID card
With the rapid development of the market economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the number of learners and drivers has grown rapidly, and the driving and training industry has achieved unprecedented development. However, the driving school training industry is mixed,and the training quality has declined. As a result, the novice driving skills are low and the accident rate is rising.
After a long period of market research, collecting and sorting out the various needs of the test center and the driving school, and the assistance of the relevant traffic management departments, the IC card intelligent management system for motor vehicle driver training and examination was developed. Advanced IC card technology, communication technology and database technology can realize the management functions of test center and driving school students management, online appointment, recharge, training timing, examination, training access control and so on.
Driver training test IC card management system can effectively standardize the various workflows of driver training, ensure the quality of training, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of learners, maximize the existing unspoken rules in the driving industry.
System Advantages:
1.Through the IC card management mode, the information management and delivery of the students are standardized.
2.The application of the car card reader, real-time timing deduction and control of the start and stop of the vehicle, truly play the management function of the car billing.
3.The system uses the IC card as the basis for the access control, which is simple, convenient, and highly informative.
4.The online self-service system facilitates students to complete appointment training time, recharge and other functions.
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Face recognition in the Tokyo Olympics
According to reports, the face recognition system will be used for face recognition of approximately 300,000 attendees during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. The system combines their facial images with passes to confirm whether they are themselves, thereby ensuring the safety of athletes, spectators and officials.
First, the face image that was taken and registered in advance is associated with the pass information with the IC chip. Then, issue the respective passes to the relevant personnel. Check the face image and passport information on the terminal set at the entrance of the venue to confirm whether you are yourself.
There is a camera for face recognition on the terminal, and there is a place for swiping underneath. Face recognition is performed immediately after swiping, and confirmation is completed in a few seconds. In addition to preventing the pass from being used by others and being impersonated, the device can also reduce the burden of manual identification at the entrance.
During the public presentation to the media, the people involved in the test continued to enter the venue without stopping. In the actual test, when the staff confirmed 4 people by visual inspection, the face recognition system has confirmed 10 people and let them pass. Therefore, the face recognition system can solve the situation in which a large number of people gather due to the security check.
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LED wristbands are used to create an atmosphere for concerts
The LED wristband is mainly used for concerts. The audience's waving arms create an active atmosphere on the scene, making the concert complete and enhancing the communication between the stars and fans.
The traditional LED wristband is just to set off the atmosphere of the stage, while the card cube's RFID LED wristband has a distinctive function.
RFID LED wristband built-in radio frequency identification electronic chip, this chip has uniqueness and positionability, combined with the system, the concert organizer can easily control the situation of each audience in the background. Its main management features include:
On-site management: including the addition, modification, deletion of the venue of the concert, the setting of information related to the division of the venue, and the function modules such as adding, deleting and modifying the ticket type.
Ticket management: Provide ticket initialization function, as well as ticket checking process, including normal ticket checking module, Vip ticket checking module, discount ticket checking module, and refund refund processing. The system uses real-time communication technology, and the tickets sold are immediately sent to the data center for proofreading. In case of invalid ticket or fake ticket system, the system will automatically alarm, which basically eliminates the phenomenon of fake tickets.
Data Statistics Query: A powerful data analysis system that provides users with a centralized management and easy-to-use data collection and analysis management system through a software management platform. The organizers have been managed efficiently and are equally satisfying in terms of social benefits.
Social benefit
(1) Improve audience satisfaction;
(2) Improve the audience experience;
(3) Revolutionary breakthroughs in providing value-added services for information collection and utilization.
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Application and Advantages of RFID Technology in Parking System
The operation of the RFID smart card parking management system is centered on the process of the user's vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot. Based on the RFID technology, the RFID vehicle tag or the electronic license plate is used to integrate the user's individual and the vehicle information he owns into the database. When driving into the parking lot, the remote (3-10 meters) automatically senses the vehicle information, so that the owner can quickly enter the parking.
The intelligent parking lot is a high-tech product that meets the needs of this era. It can be applied to various public places (communities, enterprises, government agencies, airports, railway stations, hotels, supermarkets, etc.) from the earliest contact card. (Magnetic card), it takes only a few years to go to non-contact card (ID/IC card) and long-distance card (RFID electronic tag, etc.). At present, RFID technology has gradually become the mainstream of intelligent parking system management. In these places, there are widespread problems of difficulty in parking and difficult parking management. Especially in some high-end communities, enterprises, and government agencies, the contradiction is increasingly prominent, parking management is full of loopholes, and disputes between owners and property management parties continue. With the application of RFID technology in the smart card parking management system, it brings a lot of convenience to property management.
1.Strict charging management process
There are large loopholes in general parking management that are prone to cash loss. After the use of the RF intelligent parking lot management system, all vehicle charges are confirmed and counted by the computer, eliminating mistakes and cheating, and protecting the rights of the market investors.
2.Effectively strengthen the safety management of vehicles
One card, one car, data archive can ensure the safety of vehicles parked in the parking lot. Manual card issuance and card collection, it is inevitable that there will be omissions, because there is no record at any time, and the phenomenon of losing a car or lie to report a car has occurred, causing many troubles and economic losses to the parking lot. After adopting the intelligent parking lot management system, the monthly rent card and the stored value card consumers record the corresponding data in the computer, and the card can be reissued in time after the card is lost. When the time chart card is lost, it can be retrieved at any time and processed in time. In the case of equipped with image contrast equipment, all types of parking cards have a license plate number archive, one card is dedicated, the license plate does not prompt the computer at any time, and warns.
3.Solid anti-counterfeiting performance
The RFID system uses complex encryption algorithms to make RFID identification cards difficult to forge.
4.Durable and reliable, the operation process is fully automated
The RFID intelligent parking lot management system adopts a passive RFID card, which is maintenance-free, has a long service life, is fully sealed, and is free from contact. Therefore, it is dustproof and waterproof. It does not need to manually open the gate. The system automatically reads the card, checks the card, and opens the gate.
5.Realize unmanned management mode
Reduce labor costs, support high-definition cameras, and achieve vehicle image comparison, so that vehicle information can be checked and checked in and out. To achieve multi-card coexistence, the system supports most IC cards and ID cards at home and abroad, which facilitates the classification management and provides good services for car owners and their vehicles.
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2018 Shenzhen International IoT Exbibition-Card Cube Group
From July 31st to August 2nd, the 10th International Internet of Things Expo Summer Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted 700+ industry chain companies including operators, telecom companies, chip modules, communication terminals, platforms and software systems, and exhibited more than 10,000+ IoT products. The scale of the exhibition reached 50,000 more square meters.
As a manufacturer of customized wristbands in Shenzhen, Card Cube has also participated in this IoT exhibitions. During the exhibition, it attracted professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and application integrators from all over the world.
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RFID Nail Tag for the protection of ancient trees
Ancient and famous trees are symbols of history and culture. They are witnesses to a country or region with a long history and culture. They have important human and scientific values and are called living artifacts and green artifacts by plant experts. How to protect ancient and famous trees, now has a more scientific means, that is, RFID technology, with advanced information management technology, intelligent management of ancient and famous trees. As a leader in the Internet of Things industry, Card Cube specializes in the production of such RFID tags.
The RFID electronic chip is implanted into the ancient and famous trees, and the age of the tree, the subject, the protection and living conditions are first input into the chip, and the GPS positioning system is combined to protect the ancient tree more comprehensively. The nail label of PVC plastic material does not adversely affect the health of the tree itself, and the battery is not installed in the chip. After the implantation, the chip is excited by the RFID data collector to read the old tree information stored in the chip. Once the ancient and famous trees are sick, the management staff can see the past information of the nails at a glance: when the water is poured, what fertilizer has been applied, what disease has been born, whether it has moved home, etc.
We can use the electronic tag to know the degree of shaking of the trees when the wind comes from the background. If it is shaken, it needs to support the trees in advance. According to the staff of the garden department, the RFID nail tag will also issue various targeted warning messages. For example, when the ancient tree is dumped, the nail tag will signal a change in balance, if it is destroyed by criminals, Can remember the clues of the perpetrators quietly.
Creating superior living conditions for ancient trees is a sign of modern civilization. Protecting green fossils is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. Let us all support the ancient trees!
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RFID Bin Tag for Garbage and Waste Management
The use of garbage can not only provide people with a clean and healthy living environment, but also recycle paper, glass, scrap metal, plastic renewable resources, and facilitate the disposal of toxic substances. However, due to the large population and the heavy workload of clearing roadside garbage, it is necessary to charge the corresponding service fee. The use of traditional manual means to collect garbage, can not accurately determine which households from which the garbage came from and charge them a certain fee, is prone to repeated labor, and can not confirm whether the truck is on time.
Garbage collection based on RFID technology can not only monitor the recycling process of garbage management, but also accurately collect fees and refuse to process garbage from unpaid residents. Use a low frequency (125KHz) rfid trash can label to affix the label to the outside of the trash can lid. The tag reads a few feet and has a lifespan of more than 8 years. In the garbage collection process, the RFID reader reads the tag information, and weighs the garbage bin, and the GPS device performs positioning, and then sends the tag ID, weight, position, time and other information to the back-end database through the wired network.
After the system is adopted, the garbage collection efficiency is greatly improved, and the number of recycling vehicles is reduced by 10% to 20%. The lifting hand of the recycling vehicle lifts the garbage bin, the reader reads the tag information, and sends the tag ID to the back-end database and the random computer on the truck to determine whether the resident of the garbage has paid. If the payment is not paid or the cost expires, the recycling truck will stop recycling and put the garbage bin on the side of the loop. The speed and accuracy of tag reading directly affect the efficiency of the recycling car, so the solution should be fully ensured in this solution.
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