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Flights for fathers day at Town Hall lanes.

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More detailed write up of yesterdays session!

Against the Slavers Episode 6

Jon- Somnio Bellus (human Druid)
Wayne-Blodgett (Halfling Thief)
Red- smell hound (NPC) a doggo
Bent-Tail- mayor or Rat Town (NPC) a rat

Blodgett the enterprising Halfling has been travelling with a troop of Dwarves sent from Irongate to secure the guardhouse at Darkshelf. The journey has been dull, and full of boring stories told by the Dwarves, over and over again. As they are entering the outskirts of the town, Blodgett notices a very nice caravan wagon parked under a tree by itself. No horses, no people…just the wagon.
Blodgett tries to get the Dwarves to notice it, but they insist that humans just leave crap all over the place out here. If they had to live underground, with limited space, the Dwarves insist that the humans wouldn’t waste so much.
Blodgett goes to the Rusty Mug where he sees Somnio sitting at a table across from a rat. They seem to be…talking to each other. Nobody seems to think this is unusual nor pays any attention to either the druid or the rat.
The rat is ‘Bent Tail’, mayor of Rat Town. Once again he has come to seek Somnio’s assurances that he’ll do something about the ‘cat problem’. Blodgett introduces himself and mentions the caravan wagon. Somnio finds this unusual and agrees to inspect it with him.
The two head out to the wagon and begin to inspect it. As Blodgett crawls in through a window, Somnio inspects the area around it. He finds no sign of tracks indicating the wagon was pulled or pushed by any kind of animal or person. It just seems to have rolled up here on it’s own. As Blodgett begins inspecting the interior he finds a couple of large steamer trunks.
Happily, he begins trying to unlock them…..when….they unlock themselves and begin pummeling him with unusually fleshy wooden limbs. ‘Mimic!’ he cries as the whole wagon begins to try eating him. Somnio rushes in through the back door of the wagon (yah…think about what he was doing there for a second..ewwww) and also is attacked. They soon realize they’ve crawled right inside the mimic itself and are about to get digested. Some quick thinking and some flasks of oil save the day and they manage their escape while killing the magical construct.
Both of them are nearly dead, and limp back to town to recover from their wounds. Somnio sends ‘Bent Tail’ to the remains of the wagon and asks him to see if he can spot any kind of trail, or identify any kind of smell. The only thing the rat can tell him is that he can smell the weird wagon thing…and maybe an elf. This gets Somnios attention and he sets off to buy himself a ‘smell hound’ to try and track the elf that must have left the mimic there.
‘Red’ the smell hound is more than happy to join Somnio, especially once he realizes that Somnio can speak fluent smell hound. Red, Somnio, and Blodgett follow the elf tracks to….the quarry next to the guardhouse. Well, isn’t that interesting?
Blodgett thinks that his new friends who he came to town with, the Dwarves, would be interested in helping so they go to the guardhouse to enlist their aid. The Dwarves are somewhat interested in the quarry and six of them agree to head into the quarry with the players.
This time into the quarry, Somnio leads them to parts that had not been explored before because it was filled with goblins. It would appear that the goblins are all gone and they find an abandoned encampment that was hastily left. In amongst the bedrolls and pickaxes, they find a large amount of silver, gold and some quartz. Continuing on they come across a deep pool filled with black water. This is the lair of a water weird and it manages in drowning three of the dwarves, and almost doing in Somnio as well. After ‘killing’ it three times only to have it reform, they abandon the room and head deeper into the caves.
They eventually find a sandy shor and an underground lake. On this shore is a campfire…two bugbears, and Glyrthiel…the elven mage that had been running the guardhouse and whom they have been trying to find for seemingly weeks!
Combat ensues! A timely ‘charm person’ spell, a quality backstab, and some disposable dwarves ensure victory and they capture Glyrthiel alive. They also secure some jade figurines, a couple of rings, and a spellbook (which they think they should probably give to Qooroth Quom…probably). They march Glythriel back to town and secure her in the town jail.
Is there a bounty on her head? Where did the mimic come from…Glythriel claims it is not hers nor is she powerful enough to create one…so…does that mean there is another elven wizard wandering around the countryside leaving mimics out in the open? The quarry caves go much deeper than you had originally thought…what other treasures and terrors might it hold for you?
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After a brief hiatus, got the sixth session of my slavers campaign in today.

Small group, so I had to go with plan b for our adventure.

But still, they almost got eaten by a mimic, drowned by a water weird, and killed by still a pretty good day.

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No Delta Green last night so instead we all fell prey to horrible fated via Eldritch Horror instead!
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Finished my first Delta Green adventure. Sadly, my character died when he was run over by another the end....we beat the nastiness that we were up was a heroic death!

Can't wait to make another character and get more into some of the rules!

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I'm drinking whiskey out of a glass commemorating the Apollo 12. This is the best part of today.

If your Kickstarter project is way behind schedule and you notify backers of this, please don't use that same notification to promote other Kickstarter projects!

That is beyond frustrating to read as a backer.

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Delta Green babeeeee!


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Look what was at the library today!
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