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Art In The Gardens - Sheffield
  This is no. 2 in my "In the Rain" series - I also
did Patchings several years ago. Our art group at Barlborough is back on Saturdays again (we
had a rest in August for people to get other commitments out of the way) and it
was good to see many of the othe...

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A Wee Mousie
As the six week school holidays continue
in the UK, I have been doing various kid child-friendly projects with my young son, like this
tiger/cat house from “Box Yourself” website.  There are many good projects on this site - inexpensive and fun for parents ...

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I'm not too keen on those tiny creatures either

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It's The Thought That Counts
Ooh! a present for me A Simon's Cat toy Well thanks but ...   ... perhaps not today P.S. If you'd like to see some traditional English community art (well dressings) hop on over to mum's art blog. Finally, we hope all our USA readers have an enjoyable 4th J...

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Well Dressings Start Here
Well Dressings opposite the Elm Tree Pub, Elmton, Derbyshire The well dressing season is now in full swing throughout Derbyshire, and parts of Yorkshire.  Well dressings are decorated boards put up near wells and streams, made with natural materials.  They ...

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Santorini Continued ....
  Today, I have continued to work on my small Santorini
painting begun some weeks ago.   I'm not planning to sell it when it's done - it's just a practice go at miniature
painting. There will be no art group on Saturday 11th June.   The Methodist Chapel at ...

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Who's Top Cat Now?
Mr Clever Clogs on MY wall you can just see me on the left - relegated to the ledge below There’s a new cat on the block.  He was a kitten when he arrived last year,
but now he’s grown bigger than me. That doesn’t stop me chasing him off my
garden.  Here’s ...

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Add a message to your video

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In Memory of Edith
 Edith's "Friends"  This post is a tribute to Edith
Daniels, one of our Tuesday group members who sadly passed away earlier this
month.   I met her when I used to go to
the Tuesday group last year.   A talented amateur
artist, several of her paintings wer...

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Flower Power
Who me? "Oh Kizz!".   "Right, what have I done now then?"   "I've just spent nearly ALL DAY cleaning the
conservatory and it still smells of cat". "But it's a lovely smell, mum, all cats smell of
it". "I'm saying nothing"   L ater on, mum was to find that t...
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