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Bryan Davidson
Loving life in Brasov, Romania!
Loving life in Brasov, Romania!

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May the force be with you.

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Time is running out to help support in putting our store together. Really Romania needs a good comic shop central to the country. Please help us.

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3 days left to help You still have time to help bring a comic shop the Transylvania and help my family in the process. Romania needs more positive things. It'd be nice. See you tomorrow with another update.

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Please help us build a comic store in Transylvaina please.

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Getting to know Bryan Lee Davidson-Tirca, the CEO of better.

Bryan lives in Brasov, Romania where he is simultaneously trying to start a comic book store and interdenominational English speaking church. Though these things may seem worlds apart, community are important aspect of both these things. With a strong background in theology and desire to encourage and inspire growth in people, he works hard on planning and development of both a comic book store and church in Transylvania knowing that both can build people up in a multitude of positive ways.

Growing up in Seabrook, Maryland the Bible, comic books, table top roleplaying games, and music were all prominent features in young Bryan's life. Finding great joy in all these things he continues to do what he can to meet people openly and honesty with all them anywhere he can.

Wanting simply for people to know Jesus loves them lead Bryan to travel the world. On these traveld eventually brought Bryan to Romania where he met his wife Madalina. The two decided to settle centrally in the city Brasov.

Though very different organizations both and Unity International Gospel Church consider relationships and transparency essential for any organization that wants to function properly. 

Help Bryan and make something great in Romania.

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Looking at  Rahan. It's a french comic that has been translated into Romanian. This is exciting to me. Our location mean we are going to be seeing a lot of things from Europe that are a little bit rarer than in other places in the world.

We are always collecting new inventory and these may be some fun addtions to add. 

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Let's play a game. Make your friends super heroes.

Post a picture of a super hero you like and with it post the following. Will see where this goes!
I intend to fill Facebook (or other social media) with comic book heroes to fight the saturation of all the negative images and videos.

And also I support in order to open a comic book cafe in ‪#‎Brasov‬

#positive #Romania #comics #superheroes

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We want Romania to have nice things. With that we do all we can to find fairly priced items, new and collectibles for customers in Romania.

Support us and help us do that.

Bryan Lee Davidson-Tirca,

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Well the CEO of has been out of commission for a bit.  He had a surgery for his deviated septum and is currently undergoing a recovery process.

We are still pushing forward building up the store and excited about bring cool delights both new are old to Transylvania.

It is a new day in Romania and many Scifi/Comic fans are surfacing all the time. We are still helping them get what they want.

We love you Romanian!
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