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I'm looking at running Flash Gordon for my group this week. My plans so far are to use Talents, Skills and Equipment from HEX and Revelations from Mars (ignoring anything for Atlantean and specific Mars races). Also looking at Character templates from Mysteries: Hawkman, Lizardman, Gillman (as Sharkman), Dwarf (Dwarf advantage), Pantherman (as Lionman but swapping out +1 Strength for Dexterity). Adding Coralian (Gillman natural advantage only), Giant (Giant advantage).

I'm also thinking no Magic but adding Weird Science and Psionics from relevant. I think that should cover most things.

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I recently bought two sets of the Space 1889 Ubiquity dice. Unfortunately one of the six gold dice has been missprinted. Instead of having 3 succeses it is printed the same as the silver dice (with only 2 successes on it). Is this a common printing error?

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Now G+ is closing down in a few months where will this group be migrating to?

With Google+ closing down in the next 10 months have there been any ideas where to migrate this group. Some of the RPG groups have already jumped ship to MeWe others talking of going to Reddit.

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We need to find somewhere new to hangout as Google+ is getting shut down.

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Have we got plans to host this forum elsewhere since Google is closing Google+ down

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Well it was good whilst it lasted but Google+ is getting shut down.

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Google is shutting down Google+ in next 10 months! Will miss all the fine people on here.
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