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The Seeta maiyya defence..
Many many moons ago, there lived a Maryada Purushottam.. On most accounts, he was supposed to be a fine human being - to the point of being almost revered as an avatar of a celestial being. As the name suggests, he was a just and noble ruler. There are very...

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Story of my life
Filmmakers are the
experts in storytelling. Conveying story arcs and displaying emotions on
screen, are easy, or relatively easier, than getting the message across in a
visually fulfilling and stimulating manner for the audience. Which is why we
have some m...

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Fixed You
When I first heard of the Coldplay concert, I did think about it. But I figured there would be a million others and the rush and the crowd and all of that meant I decided it was better to keep my twenty five thousand in the bank.  As it turned out, while th...

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On Federer
"He should retire.. Why doesn't he retire??" That's pretty much where conversations lead to these days.. Whether it's continuous beatings at the hands of the latest sheriff in town, or injuries.. Or just the guy has won so much that he doesn't need it any m...

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The F- word
Every so often, it becomes important to sit down and question.
And so, the Question of the Day, seems to be something on the lines of – “Does anyone, anyone at all , know
what the hell is going on?” It’s all nice and easy to say that X is anti-national, or ...

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Life in the age of Razzle Dazzle
It's amazing.. Simply amazing!!!  How is it that no matter what I try, I never have time to do anything that I want?? So many things, often meaningless, mundane bull crap, that occupy my mind, that need my immediate attention, and the day just speeds by as ...

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Killing the Golden Goose..
Overdoing something is such a common human tendency that Aesop was compelled to write a fable about it .. However, when it comes to India, Indians and Indian politicians in particular, there is an affinity of a special kind.. The immediate incident that com...

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Blood, sweat, but no tears - a Father's Day post..
They say every boy's role model is his father, and I have been no exception.. From the walk, to the hairstyle and the voice tone, not to mention the looks, the love for English music, the ability to sit in front of a computer endlessly, the natural tendency...

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10 Questions..
So.. Are you going to participate in the International Yoga Day??  If you are, would you be doing it as to fulfill your fitness routine, your religious beliefs or out of patriotism?  If it is out of your fitness routine, are you doing it regularly or just t...

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A Blank Canvas
"Where were you, when the pages were blank??" - Paul Butterworth The blank screen when I am sitting to write, can be very overwhelming. While the computer loads the screen (I have a really, really old computer, mind you) the wait can be quite excruciating.....
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