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My start date at Joyent was Monday, August 19, 2013. At the end of this week, I’ll have been at Joyent for nine months. Writing this post after nine months is a coincidence. The impedance for this post is actually my colleague Deirdré Straughan’s Joyent…

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God, I feel dumb after watching this.

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Thank you Uber!

Julia is sick, so I had to return her heavy photography lighting today. I was naive to the amount and weight of equipment that professional portraiture involves. I was happy to take an Uber for free when I used PayPal as payment for the first time:…

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I do enjoy me some Brandon Sanderson.
FREE Download:
Enjoy and ‘Share’ the prologue and first five chapters from Brandon Sanderson’s latest novel, Steelheart.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 10:13 AM, Russell Bryant  wrote "I'd like to see us all try to speak about the core teams as review teams as opposed to recognition of being an important contributor."

To which Dolph Mathews responded:

"I wouldn't recommend someone for core if I didn't trust their ability to review code with a knowledgable eye towards maintaining stability, backwards compatibility, test coverage, user experience, dev-friendliness, etc.

Having a history of great contributions is merely a bonus that reflects their knowledge of the code base.

Ultimately, "core contributor" to me simply means that this person's downvotes on code reviews are consistently well thought out and meaningful, such that an upvote by the same person shows a lot of confidence in the patch."

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One would have hoped would be on separate infrastructure.

Can't say +Dave Winer hasn't warned us again and again about shortners.

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I just discovered Heat Vision and Jack, the unaired pilot from 1999.
Heat Vision and Jack (Part 1)

I have a weakness for Jack Black.

"Jack says the earth's shape is man kind's curse, because we can never reach our horizon. I say a round planet is a gift. We can move forward forever, find a different horizon every week."

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Reading reminded me that is banned for an unknown reason and the Google Adsense team never replied to me when I jumped through their hooks and barked like a seal. I didn't really use Adsense, but being banned makes me angry.
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