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A reminder to be there for those you love.....
This could make you cry....

The More Talk poetry guest was the incredibly gifted Kay Stevens. The poem is called My Father. Kay wrote this in 2012 after her dad had passed away. It will resonate with many for sure.

More Talk with Catherine Blay & Guests is an experimental Online TV show with a deep community presence. It's about peoples challenges, their joys, their pain, their pleasures. The local issues that affect them, their interests, with all the richness of local culture.

Banburyshire Info is a Media / News Company based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Working in partnership with Fresh FX

Filmed at the ATIC Butchers Row, Banbury, Oxfordshire

For all the other parts of the show, or if you'd like to be involved

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Over to YOU........
“Content Marketing Overload” - new cartoon and post on trying to break through the clutter by adding to it

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The Clarion Call by Jo Padmini Badger.

Worth watching if you enjoy things a little thought-provoking. 

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A GREAT BRITISH tradition that's illegal.

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Ah ha.

You knew this already of course....
Tiz but a "discrepancy"

And so, with these words, or at least the sentiment behind them Facebook explained away its hyper-inflated video viewing figures. Lying, obviously has many different forms. Check it out: 

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You know this already.

Soft skills, and mathematical ability.......

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Just leaving this here...
Animated Photo

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I am with what +Gideon Rosenblatt said. What about you?
Improving Exposure for Community and Collection posts on Google+

Over the last year, Google has invested a great deal in helping users find and follow new communities and collections. I'm generally a big fan of this focus on connecting people's shared interests, but I believe that Google+ is now facing a problem that is a direct result of these investments:

Insufficient exposure for the posts in all those communities and collections that we're now following.

The main place most of us see these community and collection posts is in the main "home" stream¹ -- and that's a real problem because they have to compete for visibility with posts from our circles, from "what's hot," from other people's plusses, and presumably a bunch of other variables.

I can spend a lot of time trying to tune my Google+ experience by following this or that set of specific collections and communities, but only a very small percentage of their posts will actually make it through to my home stream. So, the only way I can actually see these posts is the very cumbersome process of going to your "followed" communities or collections and then clicking on each individual collection or community - like a little information cul de sac.

Of course, I don't have access to Google+ usage data, but my guess is that what it would reveal lots of communities and collections being followed, but comparatively little engagement with the posts in those communities and collections. I'm curious about your personal experience:

How often do you actually see posts from the collections and communities you follow, and how do you find them? Do you actually click through and visit each one?

The result of all this is that I just don't see the vast majority of content that I've told Google I actually want to see. This gives users the false sense that they are customizing their user experience, when in fact, not much is changed. And that's really unfortunate because Collections and Communities are a great idea in concept. Google+ just hasn't yet invested in the features to grant them better exposure. Without that, this huge bet for the network is going to generate a fraction of the engagement that it actually could be.

Last November, I suggested one idea for a fix (, but so as not to get lost in the solution, right now I think it's more important to highlight the problem.

It goes without saying that I'm a huge fan Google+, have invested deeply, etc. I just think this is a problem that needs some real attention.

¹ Some people may set notifications for communities and collections that they really care about, but this approach ultimately clutters up notifications if used for more than just a few.


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Worthy read. If you're a motorist

Thank you +Donna Beckett for the insight.
Insurers cheat motorists!

Today's Times headline is no surprise to any personal injury lawyer. The insurance industry has driven reforms to our legal system which have reduced injured Claimants' rights and which make it more costly for injured victims to claim. All in the name of saving money: money which was supposed to be passed on to motorists in premium savings.

Despite saving over £500 million a year in 2013 and 2014 alone, premiums continue to rise, as do insurance company profits.

And it doesn't stop there: the insurance industry is trying to convince the Government to press ahead with further reforms which would remove the right to claim for ANY whiplash injuries (You can read more about this here > )

The insurers are also pushing the Government to proceed with further reforms which would make all claims under £5000 subject to small claims rules which would force successfull Claimants mean if a claim is successful the Claimant to pay ALL the legal costs of bringing the claim out of any compensation recovered (See more > )

For once, it is nice to see mainstream media actually listening and reporting the facts rather than the usual insurer anti-claims spin.

#Insurance #Claims #Law

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Bridge Street, Banbury Oxfordshire

Looking good .......apart from that architectural horror on the left.
On a sunny day in Banbury.

Picture taken 10th Juy 2016
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