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Project Fi in the same general area as yesterday's AT&T test for comparison. At half the price I get 20x downstream bandwidth.

Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed?

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Why I'm leaving AT&T after 3 years. It's 2016 and they're providing dial up speed.

Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed?

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This needs more publicity because people, especially the airport "police", should be going to jail for assault. 

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"the First Responders group making appearances at his [Sen Rob Portman (R-Ohio)] office on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. That did not go well at all and they never got to meet with the Senator, at least in the beginning. They simply did not get treated right and were shown to the door."

"The awkward exchange started then, after he repeatedly refused to meet with them and started reciting what has generally been considered "canned verbiage" from the Republican Party about why they will not pass the bill."

This story is disgusting and everyone should read it. Good on Jon for putting a public face to a story that would have otherwise received no attention at all. If the republican party is so concerned with budgets, why don't they add a surcharge on imported oil from Saudi Arabia to pay for the healthcare of these first responders. That is after all where most of the 9/11 hijackers originated.

If they gave out a moron award, the employees of #LIRR would win it every year.

I think I'm through with Two of my orders in the past month have taken 5 days or more for delivery. This latest I paid extra for next day delivery and it's taking 5 days. Amazon's "gesture of good faith" was to offer me $8.25 is prime membership (one free month). They didn't even credit the $3.99 until I contacted them a second time complaining that I deserved a refund of the shipping cost. I've had a prime membership since Dec 6, 2005 and they offer to cough up a free month. What a joke. If their prices beat retail it might be a good service still, but they charge sales tax and their products aren't discounted vs any other retailer and now they can't deliver packages in a timely manner either. Next time I'll just go to the store.

Edit: According to +FedEx this package was never scheduled for next day delivery because Amazon didn't ship it that way. They chose the cheapest option which was 2-3 day service despite their "guarantee" of Saturday delivery.

Thank you +Instagram for including a link in your email confirmation to indicate that your email address was misused by someone else. I wish more websites would do this (it should be a federal law in my opinion). Now you just need a way to report this user for adding my address again after I've removed it from his/her account.

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Nice to see the justice department going after the hardened criminals of the financial crisis. Maybe we'll see some big bank secretaries taken down next /sarcasm.

Ex-Secretary to Madoff Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

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Double click the Play/Pause button to move to the next song in your queue without ever opening your controller. 

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Wow thanks #AT&T! I forgot what dial up was like but now I can relive it on your amazing network.
"AT&T Free Msg: Great news. From now on, your plan will have more data. When you renew your $60 Monthly Plan, it will include 2.5 GB of high-speed data. Thereafter, you will now enjoy unlimited data usage at reduced speeds of up to 128 kilobits/second for the rest of your 30 day term."
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