Come play string games with us on this week's +Teachers Teaching Teachers , Wednesday, 5.9.12 at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific / World Times:

There's room in the Hangout. Let us know (by commenting below) if you have some string, and would like to join us.

+Fred Mindlin was inspired by the session we had with teachers using Minecraft, where we explored an online game world via another virtual world, and I was intrigued by whether it would be feasible to explore a meatspace game in our virtual Teachers Teaching Teachers forum. Hope you can join us!

Fred says that he sees string games as a gateway to keyboarding and creativity or finger calisthenics, and computer keyboarding: media magic for tradigital storytelling

Playing games with string is a human cultural universal. This ancient art form is surprisingly helpful in developing both the manual dexterity and strength needed for computer keyboarding. The approach I use for teaching string games to groups also provides a helpful practice ground for some of life's essential skills: creativity, resilience, cooperation, and storytelling.
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