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ROGER C. AMBROSE is one of the contestants on the new show "HOT SET" on the SyFy Channel. (Premiering on SyFy Channel Sept. 18 @ 10pm ET)

My Episode "Basement Horrors" is now Oct. 16th at 10pm (ET), that's Tuesday October 16th (10pm ET). Check your local listings.

Follow me as I am challenged with a design and only 24hrs to complete the final set to be judged. It was a blast to just be involved and now those who have always wondered "What the Hell I do for a Living" can watch me do what I do.

Okay...I have crossed over and build my presence on Google+...I really am becoming a novice internet geek...thanks TWiT for infecting me with this bug...

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...if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this Portfolio of Designs speaks for itself...
Portfolio of Designs (395 photos)
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...a portfolio presentation slideshow...
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