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Why not spoil someone special this Christmas with a

House Cleaning Gift Voucher from Clean Start Co?

What better gift can there be than a clean home and more time to yourself to spend on more important things in life than housework?!

One of our friendly and experienced cleaners will make sure that the recipient will be thrilled with their gift. Visit our website today at for more information.
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Residential Cleaning in Perth is the ideal job for mums who wish to earn some extra money during school hours and still be home in time to spend quality time with their children. The greatest benefit of being employed by Clean Start Co. is the flexibility and freedom to determine your own working hours.

As a company with unwavering commitment to quality service, we service an array of clients throughout the Perth Metropolitan and are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team.

If you are a hardworking, trustworthy and reliable person with experience in house cleaning and an eye for detail, we would like to hear from you!

To apply please download the form from our website (
Fill in your details and email the completed form,
along with your Resume to
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At Clean Start Co. we pride ourselves for going the extra mile in preparing our house cleaners mentally and physically to perform to the best of their ability during each residential cleaning service. All cleaners registered with Clean Start Co, regardless of their past home cleaning experience, attend an Induction and Safety Training Workshop prior to their first residential cleaning assignment with Clean Start Co.

We are very realistic about the significant number of domestic cleaning competition in Perth and strive to differentiate ourselves from other residential cleaning companies by motivating and training our residential cleaners to focus on detail and to do more than what is expected of them. During our Induction and Safety Training Workshop we therefore ensure that our domestic cleaners meet our high standards and we induct them to the Clean Start Co. approach to cleaning, which is:

Customer satisfaction;
Strive for perfection; and
Attention to detail

Here are just some of the useful house cleaning tips that Clean Start Co. suggests to our domestic cleaners, to ensure a good working relationship between cleaner and client and a high-quality house cleaning service:

Communication. We emphasise the importance of good communication between our cleaners and their clients, especially during the first couple of house cleaning services with a new client. We encourage our cleaners to discover their clients’ personal cleaning needs, priorities, preferences and dislikes. We believe that good communication is the key to a good residential cleaning service!

Pre-spray on arrival. If problem areas (like stovetops, splash backs, showers and toilets) are pre-sprayed on arrival, a domestic cleaner will be saving significant time and effort in cleaning it later, when the product had some time to get to work.

Clean from top to bottom. Our residential cleaners are advised to always start their home cleaning routine from the top – dusting light fixtures, ceiling fans, hanging picture and door frames first and then work their way down to dusting and cleaning window sills, benchtops and furniture, before vacuuming and mopping hard surface floors and carpeted areas,

Vacuuming and mopping. Our house cleaners are advised to pay special attention to the following when vacuuming and mopping during house cleans:

Pay special attention to corners and edges. Dust bunnies and hair tend to gather in these areas and can easily be missed when special attention is not being paid
Move light furniture (like small sofas or dining room chairs) to vacuum and mop underneath them
Get down low and remember to vacuum underneath low furniture and beds
Make sure not to use an abrasive vacuum cleaner nozzle on wooden floors
Vacuum underneath small loose carpets
Hard surface floors can be left sticky and streaky when excessive floor cleaning products are being used.
Use a damp mop (not a wet one) to prevent a streaky hard surface floor
Replace water regularly when mopping. Do not use the same dirty water to mop the entire property
Kitchen. Our residential cleaners are encouraged to pay special attention to the following when cleaning the kitchen during a home cleaning service:

Move appliances, ornaments and other freestanding items on benchtops to clean underneath them
Clean microwave oven inside and outside
Leave sink clean, dry and shiny
Remove water and cleaning products properly from surfaces like benchtops, splash-backs, stovetops, kitchen appliances and taps. To prevent stickiness or streaks, clean them, dry them and shine them!
Do not use abrasive cloth or substance on stainless steel stovetops or other stainless steel appliances
Bathrooms. We advise our domestic cleaners to pay special attention to the following cleaning duties in the bathroom during a home cleaning assignment:

Make sure to clean the entire toilet with disinfectant – inside and outside the bowl, underneath the rim, lid, seat, the S-shape at the back, and behind the toilet. Also, pay special attention to the grouting around the toilet as this might discolor and retain odors
Shower screens and especially mirrors are very important to all clients! Pay extra special attention when cleaning shower screens and mirrors, leaving it shiny and streak free. Once cleaned, view mirrors from the front, then from both sides to make sure you removed all marks
Move makeup, toiletry items and other ornaments to clean, dry and shine entire bathroom benchtop and basin. Pay special attention to replace them in the same location after cleaning
Remove water and cleaning products properly from surfaces like tiles, shower screens, shower heads, benchtops, basins, baths and taps. To prevent stickiness or streaks, clean them, dry them and shine them!
Take special care not to damage towels or bath mats when cleaning bathrooms, as some cleaning products may contain bleach
Good overall presentation. At Clean Start Co. we encourage our house cleaners to leave a good overall presentation after every house cleaning service – they need to be proud of what they have accomplished! The client’s home should be left sparkling clean and fresh without anything out of place. All furniture and other objects should be returned to their original places and cleaning products and equipment should be put away.
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We are very excited about the latest addition to our cleaning services!

We now also offer Small Office Cleaning Services.

We provide customized service packages to small offices and other small businesses and work with prospective clients to determine the exact scope of work for their unique business. One of our friendly consultants will be visiting a prospective client’s office or business to provide a free, no obligation onsite quotation.

We are already known for our quick response time, excellent customer service and the high, consistent quality of our small office cleaning services! Our highly skilled and experienced small office cleaners come fully equipped with their own cleaning supplies and equipment and are covered by Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.

Call us today for more information about our small office/business cleaning services or to book your free, onsite quotation!
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Give us a call today for your fee quotation!
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