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My sms doesn't come up in acdisplay anymore.
Before it showed up in acdisplay and I could tap on it to open sms app. But now the phone screen turns on and a message is shown in the notification bar.
But my emails works fine. When I receive an email acdisplay starts and I can hold the email ikon to see a glimpse and then swipe down to dismiss.

I haven't updated my phone or any sms application.

I have a s7 edge and uses standard Samsung sms app.

I don't know what happend.

I installed hangouts and activated sms in and it works fine. But not the sms app in Samsung.

A music widget feature request when driving in the car or else where.

I would like another music widget setting that would enable the current music widget to show every time a new song plays for a couple of seconds.
Like it works now but instead of lying in the poket and activated when you take the phone out of your poket it will work the other way, when sensor is not blocked the music widget will show for a couple of seconds everytime a new song plays.

Very handy when you are driving the car to be able to see the beautiful music widget with its bakground/info and be able to choose next song or pause, or just se what song is starting to play.

To make this work good it would use the sensor to know if the phone is in the poket or not. IF it is in the poket this feature would not start to save battery. When the sensor is not blocked, this feature will work if its enable in the settings.

I love the music widget in acdisplay !

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Is this a bug. When i get more then one hangouts SMS i get a preview on acdisplay. Look at the screenshot.

Ive got problem with spotify and acdisplay when screen is off and it activtes with senor when the phone has been in my poket. The buttons to pause and play next and previous song on spotify dosent work. I can only unlock the phone.

Using LG G4 and v.3.7.1

Ive switch phone from LG G2 to G4 and lolipop.
Ive found that the display isnt shutdown when i dismissed a notification.
Like when i get a gmail notification and a pull it downwards to dismiss.

Before on my G2 the screen shutdown immediately when i pulled a notification downwards. On my G4 the clock screen stays on for some seconds, untill the display shutsdown.

The countdown dots doesnt show anyone with latest .10
I use lg g2 with Android 4.4.2

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How about feature to swipe right and left also.

Swipe right would be to dismiss notification like its been red.

Swipe left would be to just put the phone back to sleep(like dubbel tap, but you dont have to lift your finger.)

Swipe up would launch current notification in the phone.

Swipe down would unlock the phone to homescreen (like it is today)

I would like something like this because you can do everything with just holding your finger on the phone and by just swiping at any direction you could do everything.

A suggestion about the timeleft bar which goes from left to the right. It is good but I think this could make it look at tiny bit better.

What if the bar would go from both left and right at the same time and meet at the middle instead of going from the left to the right.
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