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Dietrich Schmidt
Son. Disciple. Brother. Resident at Austin Stone Community Church. Keyboardist for Austin Soul Band +J. Greene & The Steady. Actor with Page Parkes.
Son. Disciple. Brother. Resident at Austin Stone Community Church. Keyboardist for Austin Soul Band +J. Greene & The Steady. Actor with Page Parkes.


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Hey Dallas Friends! Would love to see you guys out tonight! :)
+Suite 709 in DALLAS TONIGHT - at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum!

+Suite 709  will be performing back in Dallas at The Prophet Bar TONIGHT - Friday 4/26.

Doors are at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm. +Suite 709 plays at 10:30pm. 

Tickets will be $10 at the door! We hope to see all your beautiful faces there! :)
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Late Night Mischief

w/ my super talented cousin/Instagram super star +emily blincoe
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This is why I love +Kimbra Johnson! Watch this performance of a beautiful song "Withdraw."  

Starts at 3:49: Kimbra - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
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Join +Suite 709 LIVE ON AIR Tonight to help wrap up the 1st ever +Artists In The Plus Music Festival!!! We play at 8:30pm CST (9:30 EST)!
The first annual +Artists In The Plus On Air Music Festival is coming December 15th to 16th! We will be bringing you over 30 hours of your favorite Artists through On Air Hangouts. All the following Artists have been confirmed for the Event! 

You will be able to view and comment LIVE here on the Event Page the day of the Event! Make sure to visit the new

Saturday 12/15

12:30 PM  Pre-Show     +Sophia Dion  
01:00 PM EST              +Myrna Braza 
01:30 PM EST              +Tina Vale  
02:00 PM EST              +Corey Koehler 
02:30 PM EST              +Ryan Van Sickle  
03:00 PM EST              +Anacron 
03:30 PM EST              +mister ebby 
04:00 PM EST              +Laura Marie  
04:30 PM EST              +Doc Deuce  
05:00 PM EST              +Meri Amber 
05:30 PM EST              +HEATHER FAY  
06:00 PM EST               +Kate Butson 
06:30 PM EST               +Shani S 
07:00 PM EST               +Deni Gauthier  
07:30 PM EST               +Daria Musk 
08:30 PM EST               +Brent Michelle  
09:00 PM EST               +Sonia Rao  
09:30 PM EST               +Danni Rosner 
10:00 PM EST               +Max Lugavere 
10:30 PM EST               +Julia Price 
11:00 PM EST               +Paul Platt 
11:30 PM EST               +VK Lynne  

Sunday 12/16

12:00 AM EST              +LIZZY SPIT  with guest +Rob Michael 
01:00 AM EST              +Farkus 
01:30 AM EST              +Kristian Jackson 
02:30 AM EST              +Sara Corbin  
03:30 AM EST              +Jon Levy  
04:30 AM EST              +Jonathan Standifird  
05:00 AM EST              +Karina Vismara  
05:30 AM EST              +Johnny Mason  
06:30 AM EST              +Sam Batt 
07:00 AM EST              +Ilona T  & +Tony Moore 
07:30 AM EST               +Rodney Branigan 
08:15 AM EST               +Linda Lewis Official  
08:30 AM EST               +Cecilee Linke 
09:00 AM EST               +Tom Strasser  
10:00 AM EST               +Suzen JueL  
10:30 AM EST               +Jesse Crawford            
11:00 AM EST               +Tim Behrens  
11:30 AM EST               +Ty Rique  
12:00 PM EST               +Eric Dodge 
12:30 PM EST               +David Santy  
01:00 PM EST               +Lisa Marshall  
01:30 PM EST               +TerryLynn Melody  
02:00 PM EST               +MadCraft  
02:30 PM EST               +Monte Skelton  
03:00 PM EST               +Wizdome  
03:30 PM EST               +Cha bin 
04:00 PM EST               +Mina Koo  
04:30 PM EST               +Sabrina Signs 
05:00 PM EST               +Jim Johnston  
05:30 PM EST               +Thread Atlas  
06:00 PM EST               +Justin Ehrman  
06:30 PM EST               +Christopher Joel Thomspon  
07:00 PM EST               +Hannah Clive  
07:30 PM EST               +Matt Gibson 
08:00 PM EST               +Hanna Silver 
08:30 PM EST               +Rebecca Perl 
09:30 PM EST               +Suite 709  
10:00 PM EST               +James Olmos  

Hosted By  
+John Voshell              +matthew rappaport           +Sean Cowen        
+MaryGui Perrino          +Roger R.H. King             +Billy Wilson  

Please Visit Our Friends & Sponsors
+Musicians Volume  +FOKUS   +Virtual Photo Walks™    
+Traveling Guitar Foundation  +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW) 
+FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS  +Hangout Conversations 
 +Indi Music +Lets Talk About It        

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: +Suite 709 "Life Won't Let You Down" Released on Youtube! 

Hey guys, we shot this new much video for our single "Life Won't Let You Down" while on tour this summer in Chicago! And when I say "we shot" I mean literally me and +Jirod Greene handed the camera back and forth for about 99% of it!  Ha! :) Then our extremely talented buddy +Jeff Ray did an amazing job digging through footage to edit it together for us!  It was featured on the homepage of AOL Music for 3 days alongside other Major artists like +One Republic, +Madonna, +Carrie Underwood, etc which was crazy for us as a completely indie band!  Then yesterday we released it on Youtube!  

We'd love for you to check it out and let us know what you think! :)

If you like the tune, it is available on +Google Play here:  
NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Watch +Suite 709 "Life Won't Let You Down" [Official Music Video] on +YouTube today!

Hey Guys, we're excited to announce that our new Music Video for "Life Won't Let You Down" was finally released on +YouTube today! We're so excited for you guys to get to see a glimpse into our lives on tour through the video! :)
If you like it, we would really appreciate your SHARES with your friends and circles! 

Thanks for all your continued G+ support!

+Jirod Greene +Dietrich Schmidt +David Butler +Drew Walters +Zachary Boston of +Suite 709   #LWLYD
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BRAND NEW +Suite 709 "Life Won't Let You Down" Music Video Debut!!!

CHECK OUT the BRAND NEW "Life Won't Let You Down" Music video Now on AOL Music and if you like it please Share!!!    #LWLYD
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Brand New Music Video from +Suite 709 Debuts Tomorrow!

Hey Guys, were super excited because tomorrow, Friday 11/30 our BRAND NEW Music Video for an "undisclosed song" will be exclusively debuted on a Major Music Website! Stay tuned for the announcement! #LWLYD :)
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+Sigur Rós Selected our Film Submission as a featured Finalist! out of 900 submissions! Pretty crazy! :)
Originally shared by ****
+Sigur Rós  has PERSONALLY selected our music video as a featured finalist!!! Only FIVE videos were selected out of over 830+ submissions and we're one of them!!! That also means our video is going to be featured on various OFFICIAL Sigur Rós social media channels!!!

As horribly cliché as it sounds, this is a legitimate dream come true for me. Ever since I've been making music videos, they were the ONE band I always hoped and dreamed of creating something for. So for this to happen...I can't even begin to process it. I'm in shock.

Thank you to +Rebekah Downs, +Dietrich Schmidt  and April Downs for bringing your astonishing talents to the table and thank you EVERYONE who took the time to watch and vote for our video. It's because of all of you that I'm typing this now. Your support kept us at the forefront throughout this whole process and the feedback has been so genuine and heartfelt...that alone has made this whole production worth it.

Finally, thank you to Sigur Rós for this incredible opportunity. Your music...I can't even begin to describe how important it has been in my own life and the heavy influence it has had on me as a filmmaker. I am deeply, deeply honored to have been selected.

I honestly don't know what else to say. Click on the link below and scroll down to see our video featured on the band's website with the other finalists and winners!
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+Suite 709 will be playing in Dallas, TX TONIGHT 10/4 @ The Prophet Bar!

Hope you guys can make it out tonight! We will be playing with our amazing friends from Austin, Sounds Under Radio! Show starts at 9pm!!! See you there! :) 
Suite 709 is returning to Dallas Thursday, October 4th! Recently off their first major national tour and first Rolling Stone feature, Suite 709's new single "Life Won't Let You Down" has been in the Top 10 most played songs on Austin's 93.3 KGSR, and is about to hit radio nationwide! The Band released their new record, "Night & Day" in July which debuted at #13 on iTunes R&B/Soul Charts.

Suite 709 has been rapidly growing since they launched at SXSW 2010, racking up the Austin Music Awards for "Top 10 new Bands" in 2010 and "Top 5 Blues/Soul Bands" in 2011 alongside Gary Clark Jr. and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. 

Also joining Suite 709 will be the incredible Sounds Under Radio, Tommy & The High Pilots, and the Raisins.

Doors are at 8:30pm. Show starts at 9pm.

Tickets: $8 for 21 and over/ $10 for under 21
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