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Making new media great media. Moving Milwaukee forward.
Making new media great media. Moving Milwaukee forward.

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When you hear the phrase “raw food,” what’s your initial reaction? Do you think of delicious foods like gazpacho and pesto? How about heirloom tomato salads or coleslaw? Or do you immediately presume I’m talking about a radical lifestyle diet?

Personal Chef Karen Gill says that she looks at raw dishes as being just another way to prepare great food.

“I don’t approach raw as a dietary lifestyle,” she explains. “I just think of it as a new cuisine. It’s like Mexican or Malaysian. It’s something new to explore…”

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Just about a year ago, our little black cat, Jabie, disappeared from our house. You might remember this story, because I used every tool available to get the word out. An incredible 25 days later, a neighbor about four blocks away, found her, and we got her back. She was skinny, missing a front tooth, and had puncture wounds on her back and a broken rib.

A year later, she’s totally back to normal…

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The Hamilton is closed

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It’s official. Pabst is coming back to Pabst.

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To help highlight MMSD Green Luminaries awards, we’re focusing on the winners by asking about their practices and new environmental approaches. MMSD’s goal is to create enough green infrastructure in the region to capture 740 million gallons of water every time it rains, to reduce water pollution and improve Lake Michigan and our rivers.

Last month, we talked with the Milwaukee County Zoo. Today, it’s Summerfest…

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…Every year, the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) places thousands of cats in homes. In 2014, WHS finalized 4,735 cat adoptions, which is very close to the number of dog adoptions at 4,791.

“We have 122 volunteer cat socializers who donate their time to play, cuddle and socialize with cats to keep them healthy and happy during their stay with us,” says Angela Speed, the vice president of communications for the Wisconsin Humane Society…

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…The organization’s failure to follow through on its commitment is extremely disappointing, especially considering that students from the school use the playground during the week, said Peggy Romo-West, county supervisor for the 12th District, where the park is located. Guadalupe does not have its own playground.

Pascual Rodriguez denied making the commitment and said he has no control over the money. However, emails obtained by Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service through a Freedom of Information Act request show differently…

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…Right now I am severely sleep deprived and am without many of my greater faculties. I also seem to have lost my typewriter in the move and only recently found paper and a writing instrument that would accommodate my lack of opposable thumbs. So, I hope you will excuse the poor penmanship and stilted thoughts…

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…When Southridge Mall did not renew the Rescue Center’s lease in 2012, Rowell and her coworkers launched a fundraising effort to find a new location for the no-kill shelter. Fox6 came to the center to cover the story, and during a commercial break, Rowell shared a photo of Daniel with the reporter. They decided on the spot to add a fun twist to raise money for the shelter and asked viewers to pledge $26 – $1 for each of Daniel’s toes.

Within a minute of announcing the $26 pledge request, the phones started ringing off the hook. The story went viral and was picked up by the Huffington Post and the Associated Press. Within eight weeks, Daniel’s toes raised $120,000 and the Rescue Center was able to move to a new home…

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Submit photos of deceased cats to OnMeowaukee Memorial Gallery

Losing a pet is one of life’s most painful experiences, so in honor of all the fantastic felines who have moved on to the Great Catnip Patch In The Sky, OnMeowaukee is compiling a gallery of greatly missed cats…
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