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Guala Nejo
I love my family,gaming and cars
I love my family,gaming and cars

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Custom pc chassis wallpaper by one of my friend
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Is Elder Scroll Online fun? Is the server good for SEA player? How about its SEA player base? Is there a lot of peoples playing? 

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hi guys, i have this problem whenever i move my game camera(or watching peoples play video games), i sees green line on the edge of game model/terrain(im sorry i dont know how to call it). it also can be seen when im browsing through some websites when im scrolling up and down. i tried to printscreen but when i paste it on paint i cant even seen the problem. i dont know how to explain this problem. i noticed this problem this morning when i just woke up. this problem occur right after i installed nvidia 375.70 driver(i installed it last night and didnt happen to notice the problem). need some help. my graphic card is Leadtek Windfast Hurricane GTX 960 2GB.

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Im wondering which one to buy first but before that i would like tk state my problems. For over a year my audio jack got eletric shock. Therefore its broken and whenever i play cs go my teammate said that i have mic problem because im using usb audio jack. My second problem is my internal space. Currently having 2tb of space and im running out of space. Wondering which one i would get 
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Asus soundcard
1tb hard drive

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There will always someone here who love to talk/compare it to philipines. Its not wrong but its quite annoying. I mean we're talking about japan not Phillipines. Im sorry if i spell that one wrong lol
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