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Dave Webb
Cybersecurity analyst, previously educator of the masses, occasional poster of mildly interesting links.
Cybersecurity analyst, previously educator of the masses, occasional poster of mildly interesting links.

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Just watching a Channel 4 documentary about the 11/03 Tohoku earthquake and resulting tsunami & Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Five years ago now and I remember clear as day what I was doing when I started to hear about what was going on in mainland Japan.

Watching these interviews and seeing this amateur camera footage makes me feel sick in my stomach. Can only imagine what must have been going through the minds of those people as the waters just kept on rising.

Huge praise to all of those involved in the relief efforts in the aftermath; from you guys who were part of Operation Tomodachi to those who just gave what you could to tor Red Cross.

I think five years on we assume that things will have returned to normal in those places hit by the tsunami. From looking around at some of the photos and stories, it looks far from the case. People are still living in temporary housing, and some villages will probably be lost altogether.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid was pushed on showing the world how Japan has recovered from the disaster and is moving on. With only five years to go, I wonder if some of the areas will be anywhere near "recovered".

Sorry for the disjointed post. Don't usually just ramble about my thoughts on here, but this is one I had to just type and post unedited.

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Not just big companies who need to be concerned with the UK government's draft surveillance bill. I read in another article that some minister or government spokesperson stated that their biggest concern was the type of encryption that results in only the sender and recipient being able to read the data inside.

So, encryption that works then?

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Now I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this attack could be coming from a Chinese hacking group.  Just a gut feeling.

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Lightning never strikes twice.

Wait... what?  Four times???

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Interesting tech-related lawsuit result coming out of Japan, with the Tokyo District Court deeming that Bitcoins are not subject to ownership, meaning a guy who lost 31m Yen's worth of Bitcoins following Mt. Gox's liquidation has had his claim turned down.

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Am sure a lot of you are upgrading to Windows 10.  You might want to look at a few of these if you're serious about information privacy and have concerns about your information being shared.

Of course, it's usually that compromise between privacy and functionality.

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Don't panic.  The Japanese government has got Fukushima all under control...
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There's going to be a few people a little nervous today.

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