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Abbie Roberts
If we are always learning, we are always improving.
If we are always learning, we are always improving.

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Adwords Suggestion: Please allow max CPC value to be inclusive of all active bid adjustments. So managers and clients alike can actually control max CPC spend more easily. 

Still no updates on prizes for Water World? 

So who has registered for +Hero Conf this year? :) 

Can someone explain to me how a singe keyword ad group for "metal braces" triggers "metal brackets"? I have never seen anything this far off the mark with phrase match before... so I'm starting to wonder if exact match is the only one being changed.....

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Started seeing this new Adwords feature in our accounts today! I know it's been reported on already... but never the less! Info and screenshots inside!

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Lol? Did we actually win the top prize? I thought this was only available in the US? 

Got an email about winning a price for Q4! Woohoo! Just wondering when this might be delivered/rough time frame? 

What's happening with the Water World Game On results? It was our first challenge so a bit unsure of how it all works! 

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New Mobile Sites certification from Google Partners

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Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking to take on a part time account manager soon as part of my remote team. If you're interested or know someone who might be get in touch. I'm looking for someone reliable for a long term position, who is available 9 - 5 weekdays.

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