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Ruth Harris
Million-copy NYT bestseller, editor, publisher, news junkie, infoslut
Million-copy NYT bestseller, editor, publisher, news junkie, infoslut

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My Mom's quick, easy, utterly delicious recipe for old-fashioned blueberry cobbler
Summer is still here. So are blueberries— and  Blueberry Cobbler! My Mom was a proud New Englander and an excellent cook. Her recipe for blueberry cobbler is quick, easy and delicious, perfect to share with friends, family or to eat standing up in the kitch...

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Why Writing Rules (Usually) Don’t Work, But Writing Guidelines Do
  Writing guidelines can help us climb that “book mountain”  A breath-taking article about a Polish team of mountaineers planning to  climb K2  in the winter—a risky-to-the-max feat that has never been accomplished—reminded me that every book is K2, a mount...

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This is a reprint of my post for @AnneRAllen on April 30. Rejection and Failure: Don't Quit. Do Something Else Instead. Here Are A Few Ideas. Rejection and failure make you think of quitting? Be like Thomas Edison instead. by Ruth Harris Rejection can make ...

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Extreme vanity? Or just good business?
image credit:  By Penarc - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,  $800 vials of Botox. $475 Genesis laser treatment for pore tightening. $1,200 Titan laser sessions to firm the jawline. This New York Times article a...

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STRESS BUSTERS AND BURNOUT-BEATERS. Burnout can hit the most motivated writers and Type A high- achievers We’re writers. We work for ourselves. We don’t need no lousy bosses to crack the whip. We can do it to ourselves–create the frazzle, the frustration, t...

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Stress or Burnout? Why they’re Different and Why you Need to Know the Difference
Stress or burnout? Writers can suffer from both. by Ruth Harris Look at your to-do list. WiP needs edits and revisions Editor/cover designer to hire Promo forms to fill out First draft to finish Get that new book/new series ready to launch The next-to-final...

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Writers: How to get out of your own way and build resilience.
Resilience: The Key to Reaching Your Writing Goals in 2017 (This article was first published at Anne R. Allen's blog on January 29, 2017. Visit Anne's blog this week for her always-reliable advice on  5 good reasons to blog and 5 bad reasons .) Books! The o...

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Tougher than Harvard. More demanding than MIT. Husband Training School is the last hope of wives Who Have Had It.
They love their husbands but... Sissie Canholme had had it. Her pulse was racing. Her heart was pounding. Her anti-perspirant stopped working hours ago. Jogging? The treadmill? A Zumba class? Nope. Sissie Canholme was comfortably seated in a quiet room. Soo...

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Sometimes you need a goat.
Early morning at the Kihali animal orphanage in Africa A poor, brave little rhino named Zuri (Swahili for “beautiful”) has been rescued from poachers but her recovery is not going well. She is depressed and listless, she has nightmares and lies in her stall...

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Like books by writers like Rona Jaffe, Judith Michael and Barbara Taylor Bradford?
DECADES, Book #1 in the Park Avenue Series was originally published in hard cover by Simon & Schuster. Now FREE at all ebook vendors. THREE WOMEN. THREE DECADES. Spanning the years from the optimistic post-War 1940s to the Mad Men 1950s and rebellious Make ...
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