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Not 24 hours after I receive a newsletter from my City Councillor Adam Vaughan touting his efforts to end the OMB control over Toronto city planning decisions, his own Liberal party joined with the Tories at Queen's Park to kill the bill that aimed to do just that.
In the end the Liberals were faced with a decision: support the will of a vote by the democratically elected city council (including proponents of the Queen's Park bill like KWT, Vaughan, Layton and Matlow) and oppose a system that robs communities of the ability to control development in their neighbourhoods, or back a quasi-judicial, anti-democratic body that represents the interests of developers. 
The Liberal party went with the wealthy donors/developers, because how the Liberal party operates.

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"Toronto Star claims Rob Ford coverage helped newspaper profits"

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Huh? Why does this +Toronto Star piece on Ford's shady aide David Price mention the target of his homophobic slur "is not gay"? How is this relevant to the point that he uttered a homophobic slur at someone? Whether the guy is gay or not, Price still said it. Breaking news behind the Star paywall: OMG, Price is so bad that he once called a guy a fag who wasn't even!

RT: Dalton McGuinty includes QP Press Gallery: "I will miss your friendship."

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Canada’s own PRISM-like surveillance apparatus "first explicitly approved in a secret decree signed in 2005 by Bill Graham, defence minister in Paul Martin’s Liberal government." #cdnpoli   #cdnpolitics  

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Lots of clues this morning why Ford's numbers remain steady: affluent urbanists rush to unconditionally support new tax proposals (before they're even officially announced), offering up everyone else who doesn't have the Minister of Transportation rushing to kiss their asses because, hey, their circle of friends/family can afford it; their morning radio guru tsk,tsks people "reluctant" to pay more, while sparing the people behind the proposals the same degree of scrutiny or skepticism; Stackhouse & Cruikshank — the former's in-the-business-interests paper bumped Toronto's finest Council columnist for a Bush/Cheney Iraq War cheerleader who called for Ford to enter the mayoral race while the latter's daily amounts to the media arm of the Liberal party - launch a campaign to defend the exemplary journalism of their reporters yet regularly discredit the work of their newsrooms with editorials (and political endorsements) that remind readers neither paper is in the public interest. 

Rob Ford's steady poll numbers not such a mystery.

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Save us, Wonderdick. 

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…, among Metrolinx’s (the province’s) proposed revenue tools (taxes), a parking levy was most popular among those surveyed. But, curiously, corporate tax options weren’t on the list. Councillor Davis asked why, and Pennachetti answered, unconvincingly: “When we weighed pros and cons, we decided it wasn’t the way to go.” (Davis noted there was no analysis in the report.) Councillor Perks followed up this line, asking why, according to Pennachetti’s own definition of progressive tax, none of his measures met that standard. “In retrospect, we shouldn’t have dropped it,” he replied.

Watching gas plant committee testimony. McGuinty's smarmy evasions vile enough, but the high-pitched SQUEE coming from the Star's QP bureau stomach-churning.

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+Toronto Star post so transparently partisan commenters wonder if the Star has been hacked. 
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