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Welcome to the latest members there are 168 of us. now! WOO HOO! Happy you could all join us. So what's been happening? Anyone seen David at he recent Con in Canada? Tell us about it? Anyone got anything to share. 

A huge thanks to +Rachel Hopcroft  (Mirth) for judging the mobile device photo competition for me as I have issues with my internet at the moment but will be to back to judge at the end of June. This month's  themes are Bottles and Signs so check the Competitions out. :-)

Welcome to all the latest members. Its GREAT to have you all join us. :-)

This months photos are starting to come in and are GREAT!  Fell free to join in the fun or just vote for the photo you like by commenting and liking it underneath the pic. Thanks!  :-) 

One more day to get your entries into the photo competitions.  Good luck everyone.  :-)

Only 2 more day to get your pics into this months competitions  for camera and mobile device if you cant or don't want to post a pic you can always vote for the pic you like.  Thanks.  :-)

What's in your "Fancave'?
Tell us what your passionate about be it Stargate related, Doctor Who, things you have bought at a Con, geek related etc...

Hi dGeekers!
Its GREAT that you are all joining in on the photo competitions and feeling at home here at dGeek Community. Have you got something to share and you think others might enjoy seeing it or reading about it here on the community. Why not post. Also please remember this is a Worldwide family friendly community so keep that in mind when sharing.
Also why not tell others about this Community if you want more people to join in and make it the GREATEST community on Google.
We don't bite, no really we don't. LOL
Everyone is welcome here. :-)

Welcome to all the newbies! waves Its GREAT to have you here! Why not share how you found this Community and help to make it the best place to be on the internet! How many members do you think we can get by Christmas? Shall we set as goal?

Are you going to a Con soon maybe to see David? Tell us your Con stories who you've met and who you'd love to meet.
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