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David O'Leary
Owner of Efficion Consulting, Father of 3, DotNetNuke Fan, Outdoors and Soccer Enthusiast. This is my work account.
Owner of Efficion Consulting, Father of 3, DotNetNuke Fan, Outdoors and Soccer Enthusiast. This is my work account.

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Took a nice sunset walk through Forest Park today all by myself. So nice and peaceful... Also some pics from a couple weeks ago also at Forest Park with my family. My camera couldn't handle the low light so I've done the best I could with a bit of post processing.
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Finally got around to making responsive. This was the 3rd site for which we've used SimpleGrid for the responsive implementation and I continue to be really pleased with it. Simple, clean, flexible, and easy to modify.

Also made a variety of other improvements including upgrading to the newest version of our soon-to-be-released Article module, replacing some images with linear gradients, cleaning up CSS, changing fonts, and adding some white space. Lots more to do still but it was good to finally put some effort into our main site. #DNN #DNNCMS  

Does anyone have favorite sites, feeds, Social Media accounts they follow for keeping up on the latest trends in web design and best websites?

I need to do a better job of showing my clients great websites before we begin a website project. I want to expand their visions of what can be done and how a site can look and work. Break them out of the box. And begin an engaging discussion on what they are really trying to accomplish with their site.

So I plan on spending a bit of time over the next couple weeks compiling a list of some of the best types of sites. And I'll post them here.

What sites are your favorite best of breed websites?

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I'm working on a Simple jQuery script to open any YouTube videos on your page in Modal Dialog for #dnncms

You can see it in action here:

This works but it has a Title Bar and resize script that aren't necessary. I'd like to clean it up but don't have time right now. Any ideas on better, clean ways to do this?

<script type="text/javascript">$('a[href*=""]').click(function() {
var lnk = $(this).attr('href');'?') == -1 ? '?' : '&')+'autoplay=1&popUp=true',false,500,800,true);return false;

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For all #DNN #DNNCMS folks, there's an important issue with the Mobile Detection code in 7.2.x (and perhaps earlier versions) that's causing it to eat lots of RAM and impact site performance. There's an easy fix for this if you're not using Mobile Detection,

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Politifact Posted the rating of their top ten rated people

I was curious to see what the average reliability of each was so I threw together a spreadsheet:

As I delve further into the details of the dreaded Obamacare, I amazed at how much better it is than our current system for very small businesses like mine:
1.) Plans available are much cheaper than they were as a small business plan. Around half the cost and that doesn't factor in subsidies.
2.) The exchange makes it much easier to view all available plans and compare them on an apples to apples basis
2a.) There's no need to go through a broker to select and pick plans which, while my broker is a very good friend who did a great job for us, it made no sense to have to involve a middle man who could sort through all the crap.
3.) My employees and I no longer need to all be on the same plan. We can pick the plans that meet our needs and preferences.
4.) Each of us can change our plan on a yearly basis based on changing needs.

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Utterly fascinating and important.

I need to automate the deployment process of an ASP.NET (WSP) application. The deployment process should ask the site name, create a new directory, copy a bunch of files from a source directory or zip, make a few changes to web.config, run a SQL script to generate the DB, and setup the site on IIS6. This is on a Windows 2003 Server.

I've been looking as WebDeployment Projects and MSBuild stuff but I haven't found a clear writeup on doing this properly and it seems like there's constant shifting going on as to the recommended way of handling this.

Any recommendations?
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