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Hey Chris, thanks a lot for your nice article! Unfortunately Google made me take down the page, they were afraid it might make people think it was a real Google service. I let them know who to contact if they ever want to make a proper Google strategy game ;) Thanks again and good luck with your endeavours. 
Sorry to hear it. Thanks for letting me know. Any more details about what Google said exactly? 
They told me:

'We noted that you are using our brand name and stylized your website in a way that is likely to create confusion as to whether your game is associated with or sponsored by Google.  Section 8.4(b) of our API terms  explicitly prohibits misuse of our Brand Features in this manner.'

It did have a tiny disclaimer at the bottom saying that this application had nothing to do with Google in any way, but I was certain I would run into some legal trouble sooner or later. 

If you expected this, what made you do it anyway? Do you intend to put the game back up under a different way that Google is more likely to accept? 
It was just a personal project of mine. As a designer I like to constantly develop my skills by doing little projects of my own, in this case I got inspired by Google Map's 45 degree angle view and decided to make a basic strategy game using only HTML and javascript. I learned a lot in the proces and had a lot of fun obviously.

In my free work I focus a lot on the power of the internet and the way it shapes our world (see , and, for example).  I wanted to use the Google layout to give the game an interesting context, else it would just be a rather boring Command&Conquer clone. Putting Google and warfare in the same context raises questions about the influence of this big company on the way we see the world, the role it has now and the role it could play in the future. It also has to do with cyberwarfare, and the way the internet can empower anyone on earth with great power, for good and for evil. In that respect it is a critical project, in a way.

As I mentioned earlier I have no plans to make the game available online in a Google friendly manner, as it would lose its context and just be a boring strategy game.
Wow that's fantastic, thanks a lot! Let me know if you get any reply from Google!
They wouldn't offer any real comment, but implied that the violation didn't require you to take it down, but requested a name change.
That was pretty much the extent of it.
Thanks Chris, I got such a massive response to the game that I am reconsidering uploading it. I will probably have it online in a slightly altered layout today or tomorrow.
Cool, I won't be working over the weekend, but let me know if you get it back up. Thanks!
You got it. Thanks for the stories!
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