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Some pretty interesting stuff tends to break online first hey Chris?
It's happening more and more. 
Sure is - any predictions on what you think might be the big breaking youtube stories of 2013? I think the Royal birth here in the UK may be one, but there are probably a few more. Do you think there is an appetite yet in the market for higher-end investigative journalism to be aired and broken on youtube? 
I really can't imagine what the big YouTube breaking stories will be next year. I'm not sure how big that appetite is at this point, but people are rapidly subscribing to more YouTube channels, so it's probably growing substantially. 

From a recent article I posted: 

YouTube currently has 800 million users per month, watching 4 billion hours of video. Over the last year, the number of users subscribing to channels has more than doubled. The company says experiments show that the new updates add another 30% on top of that. YouTube users are subscribing to 50% more channels overall with the new update, and watch time is up 30%. Subscribing to channels has been around as a feature as far back as 2005.
If you are looking for a post on YouTube & video in 2013 I'd love to pull something together for you guys. Just let me know and I'll get researching.
If you pull something together, we can definitely take a look. 
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