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A Fitting Tribute
New Release Review! Band: Slipknot Album: .5: The Gray Chapter Release Date: October 21, 2014 Genre(s): Heavy Metal, Nu Metal My Review: It's been quite some time since we've gotten new music from Slipknot, with their previous album "All Hope Is Gone" comin...

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RIP Layne Staley 1967-2002
Throwback Thursday! I apologize for the long delay in posts. I've had a lot going on recently. But I hope to get back to regular posts and reviews with this fantastic TBT. Alice in Chains was at the forefront of the grunge scene in the 90s, even though they...

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It's Good Metal, Eh?
Keep Your Eye On Them! Band: Among The Betrayed Formed: 2012 Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Genre(s): Thrash Metal, Alternative Metal, Metalcore Sounds Like: Shadows Fall, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage Releases: 1 EP Why you should check them out...

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The Lighter Side
Top 5! Because it's Monday and most of you are probably very angry today, we're going to mellow down a bit for this top 5, the category of which is Top 5 Power Ballads in Metal . Because ballads are far more common in rock, this top 5 is exclusively ballads...

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It's Y-Y-ZED! Not Y-Y-ZEE!
Throwback Thursday! For this TBT, we will be taking a look at one of the greatest examples of musicianship in rock history. Legendary Canadian rock trio Rush is world-renowned for being arguably the most musically proficient trio in the history of music, an...

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Now They Thrive
New Song Review! Band: Machine Head Song: "Now We Die" Released: September 25, 2014 Genre(s): Groove Metal, Symphonic Metal Single from the upcoming album "Bloodstone and Diamonds" My Review: Machine Head burst onto the metal scene in 1994 with their highly...

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Join the Legion of Thunder
Keep Your Eye On Them! Band: A Sound Of Thunder Formed: 2008 Origin: Washington, D.C., United States Genre(s): Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hard Rock Sounds Like: Judas Priest, Doro Pesch, Warlock, Iron Maiden Releases: 4 full-lengths, 1 EP Why you should chec...

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Hallowed Be This Band
Throwback Thursday! For this TBT, we're going back to Iron Maiden's Powerslave tour for a performance from Long Beach Arena. In this video, the legendary heavy metal pioneers are performing their monster of a song, Hallowed Be They Name, often regarded as t...

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F** The Corpse*
Keep Your Eye On Them! Band: Walking Corpse Syndrome Formed: 2006 Origin: Missoula, Montana, United States Genre(s): Dark Metal, Melodic Death Metal Sounds like: ??? Releases: One full-length album; second album in progress Why you should check them out: Wa...

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Announcement from the Depths of Hell
Readers of The Foundry , I promised in the first post of this blog that I would cover all the bases and keep everyone happy, and I am making good on that promise. Ladies and gentleman, boy and girls, dogs and cats, it gives me great pleasure to introduce th...
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